Review – Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Playing any games requires you to create an X-Box Live account. Until you create an account, you won’t be able to play any games. Unfortunately, you currently don’t get any kind of an error or warning message if you try to run even Solitaire without an X-Box Live account. You can create an account in X-Box Live Games.

After an account is created, you can create and customize your X-Box Live Avatar. I initially created one that sort of looks like me, but the clothes weren’t quite right.

Scrolling over to the extreme left will allow you to find the options to customize your avatar. I decided to get rid of the tank top.

After the shirt and tie, the camouflage pants had to go. Here, you see me changing attributes.

A nice set of trousers did the trick. I chose a pair of blue trousers; and chose a different pair of boots.

My avatar changes completed, I (or it) was apparently rather excited with the new look.

Now that my avatar was created and modified, I decided to play a little Pinball FX2.

Unfortunately for me, the game wouldn’t start.  It just kept displaying its splash screen and then force closing. No error messages were displayed, and it was all very confusing.

I noticed that Store had three application updates for my PC. One of them happened to be for Pinball FX2, so I applied the update, hoping that it would allow me to play the game. Interestingly enough, it didn’t; but at least I now get a real error message that sort of explains things.

Now that I have an X-Box Live account, Solitaire would open and run and not force close. However, before it will actually deal or allow you to move any cards, you need to allow X-Box Live to access the game scores and play information.

A complete touch enabled version of Windows Solitaire is interesting. Unfortunately for me, the performance of the game was a bit stiff. I’m not sure if that was a graphics thing, processor performance thing, RAM thing or internet communications thing.

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