Review – Windows 8 Consumer Preview

If you’re running Microsoft Security Essentials, you’re going to have to remove the application before you can install Windows 8. Its not compatible with Microsoft’s new operating system. Hopefully, they will come out with a Windows 8 compatible version, but as of right now, Setup makes you rip it out.

Uninstalling Microsoft Security Essentials takes a few moments, and your PC won’t be too vulnerable during the installation process.

After MS SE is removed, you’re taken back to this, now modified, What you Need to Do screen.  Click Refresh to clear the screen of any lingering action item information.

After the action item information is cleared, click Restart PC, and it will give your PC a much needed reboot.

When you PC restarts, you’re given the opportunity to pick up right where you left off. If you wish, you can also start from scratch.  There’s no need to do this unless you have issues with the installation files or bump into any other issues that might cause you to start from scratch.

Please hold…Windows 8 Setup re-prepares itself for execution after your reboot.

At LAST!  We’re ready to perform the actual upgrade.  Windows 8 Setup confirms your selections, as well as gives you the opportunity to change them. If you wish to make changes, click the Change selection link.

Windows 8 Setup kicks into full screen mode and begins making modifications to your system.

Windows 8 Setup will count up the percent complete while it copies in new files, drivers, etc.  This could take a few hours to complete. If you’re using a notebook or other battery powered PC, make sure you’re plugged in.  You can probably step away, if you need to.

After you’re done, Windows 8 setup finishes up copying in files and then will reboot your PC one last time before presenting you with the upgraded desktop.

This is the upgraded Windows 8 Consumer Preview Desktop. The error dialog you see is a Windows 8 compatibility error with the Asus Hot Key application. It doesn’t work under Windows 8, and needed to be removed.  After it was uninstalled, this recurring, non-dismissing dialog box disappeared.

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