Play one of the best adventure puzzle game on your iPad 2

Have you ever played Monkey Island, or Sam and Max Hit the Road ? Did you like it? Then you will surely like Machinarium. Machinarium is one of the best puzzle / adventure game I’ve ever played.

The game is about a little robot who’s been thrown out to the scrap yard behind the city walls. Rusty as it, the little robot wants something very badly: to save his robot-girl friend. Well, to do this, you’ll have to face many logical puzzles, adventure quests, brain teasers and mini-games.┬áNow let me tell you some good news. This sweet adventure puzzle has just debuted on the iPad 2 as a $4.99 download. However, if you don’t have an iPad2, you can also play the game on your Mac or PC.

Check it out if you like puzzles, it really is worth the $4.99 ($10 for PC/Mac).
Play Demo | Buy the game for PC/MAC | Buy the game for iPad 2

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