Manage your disk space with style; free up disk space by quickly finding and deleting large, useless files

These days, hard drives offer more storage space for lower prices than ever before. However, I’ve found on my own that no matter how large is your hard drive, sooner or later you’ll fill it up with something. I’m quite sure that you know what I’m talking about and you have seen already the annoying low disk space warning (and the consequences) on your own. At that point, you might want to analyze your hard drive and find the files and folders that are taking the most space, but in case you have hundreds of folders with thousands of files – you’re in trouble.

Considering it’s impossible to use Windows to determine which folders use the most space (or at list, not the easy way), I’d like to recommend you to use Disk Space Fan. This gorgeous application can display the amount of space taken by each folder and the files contained within.

You can find out more by reading the full review of Disk Space Fan or downloading Disk Space Fan.

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