Make your own TV set with Boxee

A lot of your favorite shows and movies are already available on the Internet. So why not buy a Boxee device that can find them and put them on your TV without any additional fee. But in case you don’t want to buy another media device, Boxee offers a free way to do the same thing with the help of their new developed software.

You just have to download Boxee’s free application and install it on any computer capable of being connected to a TV. Add a cable (which one depends on your TV and computer) and use a iPhone/Android to control your Boxee or buy a PC remote separately. In this way you will get hundreds of shows for free because Boxee comes pre-loaded with thousands of popular shows and movies. But, it’s even better if you add optional services like Netflix, MLB or MUBI. If you connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts with Boxee, then the videos your friends share will automatically be shared to your TV.

Its intuitive and interactive interface makes Boxee a very addictive media application similar to a media dashboard. Stuffed with useful features, Boxee is also able to play all the videos, songs or pictures, that are locally saved on your computer. You just have to choose the location of your video or audio folder and Boxee will scan its content. Each video or audio file will be saved in the media library in order to be watched later.

Boxee’s functionality and flexibility made the developers to release and iPad version of the program that inherits all the important features. Compared to the original, this version is more focused on streaming content, but comes also with a portable feature. In case you want to watch a video from your iPad on the big screen, you can send it straight to your TV via the Boxee Box.

download Boxee for Windows | download Boxee for Mac

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