Keep away any files (documents, personal photos, video clips, etc.) from unauthorized access with ease

Ok, let’s say that you want to create a document on your computer that will contain private information such as passwords, credit card numbers or any other stuff that you want to keep private. To do this, we’re going to encrypt and password protect the document. The encryption process will protects the document by turning all words into unreadable, unintelligible characters if viewed by unauthorized eyes. Let’s see how we do this…

First of all, download Right-Click Encrypter from here and install it.

Right-click the document (or any other file type) that you want to encrypt.

Click ‘Encrypt with Right-Click Encrypter’.

Enter a password into the fields.

Click the ‘Encrypt’ button. Your document is now encrypted, you can click ‘Close’.

To decrypt a file that you previously encrypted, just right click it and select ‘Decrypt with Right-Click Ecrypter’. Enter the password and your file will be decrypted. That’s all.

Note:Right-Click Encrypter can be used to keep away from unauthorized access any kind of files (documents, personal photos, video clips, etc.)

Download Right-Click Encrypter

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