How to control your Mouse cursor using the Keyboard

You’re nearing deadline and got important stuff to complete; your mouse stops working! You’re not sure what’s the problem, neither time to trace the problem. What can you do? Well, first of all, relax, there is always a plan B. 🙂 You’re going to control your Mouse cursor using the Keyboard.

Start by pressing Left ALT + Left SHIFT + Num Lock on your keyboard. If nothing happens, try to press and hold both the left ALT and left Shift keys, and hit the NumLock key. This should open a small box, asking if you want to turn on Mouse Keys.

Click Yes and that’s it! Move the mouse pointer using the keys on the Numpad. If nothing happens when you press the Numpad keys, enable NumLock by press the NumLock key on your keyboard.

Note: After you enable the Mouse Keys, an icon should be displayed in the system tray. Use it to increase/decrease the speed of the mouse cursor by clicking Settings. I recommend you to check the box that makes the mouse move faster while the Control key is held down and maximize both sensitivity settings – otherwise, the cursor moves painfully slow.

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