Fix your laptop power consumption issue and extend battery life with Microsoft Fix it

One of the most annoying issue for laptop users is often the excessive power consumption of battery power which reduces battery life. This problem can be caused by improper system settings that can affect power usage (such as timeout and sleep settings, display settings, and screensavers). Well, if this this is the case, you can try to fix this problem using an automatic troubleshooter found on Microsoft Fix it Solution Center.

This tool can be used to troubleshoot power consumption problems such as:

  • Period of time before the computer goes to sleep is set too long
  • Screen saver is used instead of setting the computer to enter sleep mode
  • Display brightness is set too high
  • Power plan is not set to the most efficient power plan
  • Wireless adaptor in not optimized for power saving
  • Minimum processor state is set too high

Download the troubleshooter for power consumption problems – works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

To find an automated solutions for any other computer issues, take a look at Microsoft Fix it Solution Center.

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