Dell Latitude 10-ST2 Windows 8 Pro Tablet – Review

Windows 8’s Control Panel provides a way to reset the PC, taking it back to factory fresh, making it easy to rebuild. The only problem is that simply erasing my personal information wasn’t enough. I wanted to wipe everything, including the software I installed.

That complete reset took well over 3 hours to complete. I think Dell flew the software in, one bit at a time… Its nice that Microsoft built this into Windows 8, but not so cool that it took over 3 hours to complete. That was really painful to wait on.

Other Bundled Software

AT&T AllAccess

What should have been a very simple process of entering my

  • Email address,
  • Wireless number
  • Required account information

Into the AT&T All Access ModernUI app instead required a 45 minute call to AT&T so that the device could be activated with the 4G (HSPA+) SIM that came with it. Activating the device on my shared mobile data plan should have been totally user self-serviceable. Instead, I ended up having to factory reset the device and start from scratch, as AT&T AllAccess got “confused” due to the number of failed attempts to get the device activated.

Windows Essential (aka Metro/ModernUI) Apps

As a tablet, using what Microsoft is now calling ModernUI or Microsoft Design Language, Windows 8 did well. If you stick to JUST these apps, the UI and the tablet’s performance are acceptable. However, its widely known that as of this writing, many of the Windows Essentials apps need a great deal of work.

For example,

  • Mail can’t work with POP3 accounts, doesn’t support threaded messaging
  • Photos doesn’t have basic editing tools
  • SkyDrive won’t sync content from the cloud to a PC folder

None of that makes any sense; and seems really stupid, to put it bluntly. Microsoft has promised us an update to the Windows Essentials Apps before the end of March 2013. Though the update has been officially announced, it hasn’t become available yet.

Battery Life & Performance

The device is S L O W.

There are some apps that the device was optimized for – Microsoft Office 2010 and Office 2013, among them. The device functions acceptably in this type of environment, but when it comes to any other, real kind of performance, the device is slow, even with its own, built in software, Like Dell Backup and Recovery, as I noted previously. The device gained a Windows Experience Index of 3.3, and it lacks any real performance highlights. This is no doubt directly related to the 1.8GHz Intel Atom z2760 processor. It might have a “fast” GHz speed rating, but it doesn’t have the same processing power as Intel’s i5 found in other Windows 8 tablets, like Microsoft’s Surface Pro.

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