Dell Latitude 10-ST2 Windows 8 Pro Tablet – Review


Taking stills with the tablet’s rear facing camera isn’t easy, but then again, taking photos with a 10 inch piece of glass and electronics wouldn’t be easy in the best of conditions. What compounds the situation is that there’s no hardware button wired to snap the shutter when the Camera app is active. The device is heavy enough that you really want 2 hands to hold it with, to keep it steady. You’ll also need a third appendage to tap the screen in order to snap the shot.

I had trouble as a result of trying to take pictures with the device both in and out of the case. All of them were blurry and not worthy of posting. They were just that bad. There’s no way to attach a tripod or monopod to the device, so you’re going to have to contort yourself into strange positions to hold the device still, or have a second person tap the screen for you until you figure it out. It wasn’t easy, and it wasn’t really fun. The shots should have been nice…

13 - Dell Latitude 10 ST2 - Complete System


Front facing video was not as difficult. Here, you could hold the device in your lap and video chat via Skype. Once the device was sitting the way you wanted it, and was stable, things were rather easy. The 720p camera was nice for video chatting. It eats up the bandwidth, but the person you’re chatting with should get some nice images.

Soft and Hard Keyboard

I’m including some comments about a soft keyboard here, as the hardware section is really where you’d expect to find those comments. However, the device didn’t arrive with one, and unlike its Windows RT cousin, the Dell XPS 10 doesn’t have one as an option.

Ok. Stop the ride.

Can someone please explain why the Dell, consumer based, Windows RT tablet has a “mobile keyboard dock” and the professional, business oriented, Windows 8 Pro tablet doesn’t? I called Dell customer service while ordering the device and asked if the keyboard dock for the XPS 10 worked with the Latitude 10.

It doesn’t.

I touch type over 85 words a minute. I’ve tried to touch type on this, and it’s not easy. Your fingers can’t rest on the screen in home row as they do on a physical keyboard without causing text to appear where you probably don’t want it. The soft keyboard is good for hunting and pecking, but not for sustained typing or serious word processing tasks.

Instead of a keyboard dock, the Dell Latitude 10 ST2 has a “professional” docking station, which I would gladly give away or leave on the side of the road for clickable or portable keyboard dock. The docking station is stationary and tied to my desk. I can’t carry it with me, and wouldn’t want to. I’m forced to use either a wired USB or wireless Bluetooth keyboard with the tablet. Poor engineering and design choices are running rampant here, especially in light of Microsoft’s very public and quite successful Surface commercials showing their portable, changeable, clickable keyboards.

You can start the ride again if you want…but I, and by the way EVERY Latitude 10 ST2 user will want a keyboard dock. Without one, don’t be fooled. The Latitude 10 ST2 is really nothing more than a digital pad of paper while out and about.

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