Dell Latitude 10-ST2 Windows 8 Pro Tablet – Review

At 1.6 pounds, the device is also just a bit heavier than the iPad 4, which weighs 1.44 pounds. Believe me, you feel it. After a few hours of carrying the device from meeting to meeting and handling it as a digital notepad, you really notice how heavy and solid the device is. It doesn’t feel cheap at all, though the $40 carrying case that I got with it does. This last issue is a bit of a sore spot for me with tablets in general. They’re expensive, and finding a decent case that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg is definitely NOT easy.

01 - Dell Latitude 10 ST2 - Front


The screen is actually really nice to look at, though the device wastes a LOT of real estate with its 1″+ bezel. I understand that digitizers can be expensive, but come on. There’s a LOT of wasted real estate on this device, and I would have rather seen a larger screen than increased resolution; but more of both would be welcomed. Its current maximum on device resolution of 1366×768 is merely OK and not great.

The device doesn’t come with a mini-HDMI to VGA adapter, so I can’t hook this thing to an external monitor. I’ve also got a Thunderbolt Display for my MacBook Pro, and there isn’t a Thunderbolt Female to min-HDMI mail dongle or cable to allow me to use this with my Apple branded display.

Docking Station

The Dell Latitude 10 ST2 is one of the few Windows 8 Pro tablets I know of that comes with a, desktop styled docking station. Other tablets, like Microsoft Surface RT and Pro or even the Dell XPS 10 (also Windows RT-based) come with a keyboard dock. The keyboard dock, aside from providing a detachable keyboard, also provides a rechargeable battery and protection for the tablet’s screen when you’ve got it out and about. The Latitude 10 ST2 doesn’t have one, and I cover this in more detail, below.

The docking station it does have provides a base to charge the tablet as well as monitor and LAN connectivity. It also provides a number of USB 2.0 ports and an audio port. It’s not a bad option, but it’s not provide a compelling reason to purchase the tablet.

The biggest problem that I’ve seen with the docking station is that it doesn’t have a standard PC monitor port. While mini HDMI isn’t a bad port choice, most existing monitors don’t have a mini HDMI port on them. In fact, there aren’t a lot of PC monitors that have HDMI ports on them, either.

Most PC monitors have VGA ports; and I have yet to find a mini HDMI to VGA adapter or dongle in order to use the device with a larger monitor. I have an Apple Thunderbolt display. If a mini HDMI to VGA adapter doesn’t exist, then there’s no way I’m going to find a min HDMI to Mini Display Port adapter. I’ve looked, too. No dice; and Dell doesn’t offer one, either, which I find confusing.

I’ve got a note out to my Dell PR rep on this. However, I’m not holding my breath.


The Dell Latitude 10 ST2 has an integrated 720p HD front facing video webcam and 8.0Mpixel rear facing camera. It’s nice that the device has both front and rear facing cameras, as you’ll be able to use video chat apps, like Microsoft’s Skype, with the tablet. I’ve got more detailed information on the use of the cameras, below.

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