Automate the task of deleting files and folders which you do in a regular basis

As a software editor, part of my job involves working with several files every day. Starting with the programs that I’m downloading in order to review and ending with programs’ screen-shoots (and other images) plus various files and folders. There is a folder for downloaded programs, a folder for screen-shoots and images and quite a few more folders for other purposes. However, from time to time I have to do some cleaning in all this folders. This is not necessarily a hard task but there is always something more important to do then this. Not long ago, luckily, I’ve found a program which does this cleaning for me – Autodelete.

Basically, this program automates the task of deleting files and folders. You can select any folder or file and specify a particular time after which they are going to be deleted. To me this is very handy. I don’t want to spend the time deleting old files or folders every month manually – Autodelete does is for me.

Read the full review or download Autodelete.

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