Audials Tunebite Platinum

Convert odd audio file formats to something you can use with this cool windows utility.

ATbMusic is a big part of my life. I’ve been surrounded by music since I was a child and I’ve got pieces in my music collection that go back quite a ways. Keeping the files playable from one PC generation to another without a loss in audio quality isn’t always easy. This is perhaps the biggest reason why I like Audials Tunebite Platinum. It’s an audio file conversion tool for Windows.

The biggest problem with playing audio on a newer or next generation computer is the file format. Something that may have played on an older PC may not play well or be supported on a newer PC. Technology changes. It’s a fact that can’t be changed. However, your file formats can. Audials Tunebite always features the best options for recording and converting file formats for all of your computing devices including, PCs, smartphones, tablets, netbooks and games consoles.

Streaming music is one of the most popular services available today. The biggest problem with streaming is that you can’t necessarily take the music with you when you’re done. You can now, though. Audials Tunebite automatically records all streaming music without any loss of quality and saves these as new audio MP3, WMA or in any other audio format.


If you’re looking for a way to capture streaming video, look no further. Audials Tunebite Platinum is the universal solution for recording videos from Internet pages, HD movies from video streams or from DVDs and downloaded HD video files that won’t play anywhere else.

Audials Tunebite Platinum is an awesome app. Its video capture process handles most video from most sites. Its streaming music capture insures that you get the most out of your music subscriptions by allowing you to capture the music you love most. Its value to purchase price ratio is off the charts. If you’re looking for a multimedia capturing and conversion tool, then you need to give Audials Tunebite Platinum serious consideration.

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