Windows 10 Features – Much ado about… Nothing?

Resizable and moveable Windows task bar

Some people like the ability to move the Task bar off the bottom of the screen (its default location) and place it somewhere else. You kind-sorta could do that with Windows before this, but you had to right click the Task Bar, click Properties and then choose a location of the Task Bar from a drop down. You had a choice of the four sides of your monitor. Now, you can do it with drag and drop, and it appears you can put it just about anywhere. You can also size it as you need it.

Flashy Notification tab

Notifications seem to be an area of increasing interest. OS X uses a Notifications area that slides out of the right side of your screen, by default, after clicking a button on the Menu Bar. Microsoft is putting their notifications widget in the System Tray. When you have a notification, the icon notifies you of a message.

Notifications are gathered there, are actionable within the fly-out that appears, and are easily maintained or dismissed. All in all, this isn’t a bad system for gathering all system and app based notifications (it will be nice to have all Outlook notifications gathered there, for example) instead of them flashing once and then disappearing never to be resurrected or seen again.

Expanded Command prompt options

I don’t know why Microsoft is making any noise about the Windows PowerShell replacing the standard Command Prompt by default. Didn’t most users not wearing a shirt with a pocket protector or broken, black, horn-rimmed glasses taped together at the nose bridge completely ignore the Command Prompt anyway? I mean, we really haven’t had the need or desire to use it since 1990-blah-blah-blah when Windows 2000 or Windows XP may have been popular and new.

Home view in File Explorer

If Microsoft had embrace the concept of a set of “home folders” like OS X has for at least the last 6-8 years (I honestly don’t know when Apple introduced that into the OS. If you know, please respond in the comments, below.), then I’d say this is either a total snoozer of a feature (because the concept would already be there) or someone really scraping the bottom of the features barrel looking for something to talk about.

As it stands, I have a DOS-based Windows paradigm that doesn’t fit well with Live Tiles and the Home view in Windows File Explorer. Heck, I still call it “Program Manager” from time to time. Home Folders in Windows get in my way, personally, and I find them nothing more than a huge nuisance. I’m not even really keen on the whole Library concept in Windows XP and Windows 7. I don’t like being told where I HAVE to keep my stuff on a Windows box; and then also find it annoying when I acquiesce and embrace the paradigm; but then can’t use a specific kind of storage location because Windows has issues with it (like using a storage card for a Library location. Windows doesn’t like it because you can technically remove the storage card…)

So this one, isn’t a huge deal for me or most Windows veterans…


The bottom line here is that while Windows 10 is shaping up to be a decent operating system with some ok features, honestly, so far – and to be up front and honest, we haven’t seen all of Windows 10’s features – there really isn’t enough here to be excited about. There aren’t a lot of new features. As it currently stands, if Windows 10 were released today as it is in the Technical Preview, then it would be a total snooze-fest. There’s not enough here to support a whole new OS. What it currently is, is really nothing more than a point release and not a new version OS. Microsoft better step it up… or else they are going to take a lot of criticism come next year when the OS is released.

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