How to protect your online identity

Following the security disaster of Sony’s PSNetwork, many gamers and online users have asked themselves what will be the future of the online transactions? What are the ways to counter such illegal attacks and how to protect your own identity? Tony Anscombe, ambassador of Free Products at AVG Technologies, proposed a basic guide for your online security:

  • first you should keep all of your accounts information on a handwritten document. Don’t save this document in your computer, and don’t use the same passwords for all accounts.
  • put aside and use a single pre-paid credit card for all your online transactions, don’t use an ATM card;
  • use Google alerts for any service that maintains your personal data;
  • in case of a hack attack, try to contact the company that’s been hit in order to receive further information and advises;
  • use a security freeze on your credit report;
  • use game cards for specific online games services;

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