Apple to Acquire Waze..? NOT!


  • Waze Interface needs work
    The thing that I hate the most about Waze is that it comes off like a cartoon or game.  Local search and navigation are not games; but it’s hard not to look at Waze that way when “road munching”, or simply running the roads with the app up, has the Waze “mascot” (which looks like a Kirby wanna be with wheels…) eating Pac Man-like dots as it passes over them. The munching sound I remember the app making didn’t help it, either…
  • Limited Support
    Waze currently has the best support in the US, Italy, Spain and Israel. Waze may or may not be active or 100% supported in your local area. Support grows every day and the latest status and map updates can always be found here.
  • Android version? Not after an Apple acquisition
    Waze cut its teeth in the Android side of the smartphone world. If Apple acquires the company, you can expect Android support to evaporate. While the app itself would likely still work, the benefits of user updated and validated maps, and local search would end.This is likely going to be a serious negotiation point for both Waze and Apple as getting map validation from ALL users, regardless of platform, is likely the biggest point of value for Apple.  Post-acquisition, ending Android support of Waze would likely reduce its value.

Apple acquiring Waze could have been a very good thing for Apple.  How Waze would have fared post-acquisition is unknown; but it’s very likely the app would have been chopped up and cannibalized for its back end data gathering and validation services.  Android support would likely have been killed, so from that perspective, it’s good that the rumor didn’t turn out to be true.

Waze has been surprisingly quiet throughout all of this.  I’m not entirely certain how the company viewed all of this.  The initial response from other Israelis and other Israeli businesses was positive, I thought. From this perspective, it’s seemed a winning move from a number of different angles.

Unfortunately (from an iOS perspective), it hasn’t happened yet. What Apple does to resolve its Maps based problems is still unknown.  They need to:

  • Eradicate the negative press they’ve received.
  • Make Tim look good by producing a product that doesn’t suck like Maps 1.0 for iOS does.
  • Address the map data inaccuracies

This is a tall order to fill, and unfortunately, the public and the press are back to blind speculation again, waiting for Apple to provide a solution. Hopefully, it won’t take them too long to figure it out and put it in place.


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