UPDATED – Expect Windows 10 to RTM this Week

Yeah… about that…


So, earlier this week, I posted an article that cited reports that Windows 10 would RTM, or Release to Manufacturing, this week. Obviously, that’s not going to happen.

Microsoft was initially targeting 2015-07-09 as the RTM date, according to internal sources. The new RTM “target” of the middle of NEXT week – 2015-07-14 to 2015-07-16 – is when it is now expected. Microsoft instead pushed Build 10166 to Fast Ring Insiders late on the evening of 2015-07-09.

Missing this date signals a couple of things.

1. Windows 10 still needs finishing work from Microsoft Developers
2. Missing the 2015-07-09 target will affect the ability of OEM and hardware manufacturers to have new computers with Windows 10 ready to ship on or close to Windows 10’s 2015-07-29 release date

If you’re a Windows Insider – part of the team that’s been beta testing Windows 10 – or someone with a Windows 10 reservation, this likely isn’t going to affect you too much. You’ll get Windows 10 for free when you’re supposed to. OEM and hardware manufacturers, however, will need to wait for Microsoft’s release process and evaluations to finish before they can get the copy that they’re going to install on new computers; and while that will likely be well in advance of the 2015-07-29 date, its likely going to effect when they’re going to have product ready to ship. Its likely that new computers won’t ship with Windows 10 in time for 2015-07-29.

The way that things have been going is definitely slower than Microsoft expected, I think. They really didn’t start applying any real fit and finish to Windows 10 until Builds 10158, 10159 and 10162 were released in rapid fire succession during the week of 2015-06-29.

This delay also indicates that Microsoft will likely have patches available for installation when new users initially turn on and setup their newly purchased computers for the first time. While this isn’t a surprise to anyone – there are ALWAYS patches to download and install via Windows Update when setting up or rebuilding a (new) machine – it is a bit aggravating. Its part of what makes rebuilding a Windows machine such a horrible experience. It doesn’t take long to do a clean install; but it does take a great deal of time – sometimes hours and hours – to have it all updated before you can really get your hands on it and begin putting all of your software back on.

This delay signals more work needs to be done; and while OEM’s will get their build, with all of the work that Microsoft is doing, its not clear if new computer users will need to download and install patches, or will need to download and install a new build…or both. I mean, who hasn’t installed Windows and then spent the next day or so downloading and installing system updates?

So yeah… about that RTM thing I mentioned this week.. Apparently…not so much.

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