The Gaming Report – A (Not So) Cataclysmic Day

After a fairly decent evening sleep, I woke up at midnight (Europe here) to witness the epic launch of the latest World of Warcraft Expansion pack: Cataclysm.

Servers went down at 1 minute past midnight, but refused to come up immediately as expected. Jokes already started to fly in from my friends but strangely enough, 40 minutes passed midnight all the servers were back up to stay. Despite crowded areas, everything worked properly and was really fun. Past experiences taught Blizzard well it seems. Again two starting areas to balance server load a bit, but offering a radically different experience:

  • Vashj’ir – this awesome underwater island (yes fireballs seem to work underwater too).
  • Mount Hyjal – a more “old school” questing zone where players have to once more defend the infamous World Tree

I’ve tried both zones a bit to give an honest opinion about them. I don’t know in which you will level faster (probably doing dungeons instead), but both experiences are different and enjoyable. I will probably end up doing both, but Vashj’ir draws my attention a bit more right now…

In other *phew* news – I finally got my flight license – in Azeroth. Flying is NOT overrated I tell ya’. Seeing Ogrimmar from upstairs certainly changes perspective a bit. And let’s not forget the utility of it!

And ummm… that’s about it I got really sleepy… I’ll keep you up to date! Bye!

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