Smartphone 101 – Prerequisite 2: Setting up a Sync Relationship with Windows Phone

5. Tap the Next button.

6. Your Windows Phone’s Microsoft Account is now setup, and it should begin to sync mail, contacts, calendar events and tasks almost at once. Depending on the size of the account (how many emails, contacts, calendar events and tasks you have), this could take a while to complete. Tap the Windows logo button on your Windows Phone to return to the home screen.

If you wish to add another account, follow these steps. They will differ from service to service, account type to account type.

7. From the home screen, scroll down to the bottom of the home screen and tap the right arrow. The All Apps screen will appear. Scroll to the bottom of that screen and look for the Settings’ Gear icon. Tap it.

8. From the Settings screen, tap, “email+accounts.”
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