Smartphone 101 – Making a Phone Call

  1. When you’re done, press the End Call button to terminate the call.

DD-ios-04 DD-and-04 DD-WP-04
iOS Android Windows Phone

Searching for a Number in your Address Book

    1. Open your device’s Contacts app or your phone’s Phone app and switch to the Contacts screen. They should be very similar.

      Search-ios-01 Search-and-01 Search-WP-01
      iOS Android Windows Phone
    2. Using the search function, begin typing.  The display should change as you type, matching your search criteria

      Search-ios-02 Search-and-02 Search-WP-02
      iOS Android Windows Phone
    3. When you locate the contact you would like to speak with, tap it. The contact record will open, presenting all the ways you can communicate with that contact

      Search-ios-03 Search-and-03 Search-WP-03
      iOS Android Windows Phone
    4. Tap either the phone number you wish to dial or the call icon next to the number you wish to dial (depends on the mobile OS you’re using).  The call should initiate.

      Search-ios-04 Search-and-04 Search-WP-04
      iOS Android Windows Phone

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