Where the Rubber Meets the Road…

…or (really) where my gut meets the treadmill…

Fitness-page-imageI’ve been doing a lot of spewing over the past few months about the quantitative self. I talked about it in my 2015 Predictions and in my big write up about smartwatches.

I also recently purchased an MS Band (usage article and review pending). I’m also likely going to have a review unit of the Fitbit Surge show up in a few weeks and will have a review on it. Needless to say, when Apple Watch is released later this year, I will also likely purchase one of those and will have a review of it; and ultimately a roundup of MS Band vs. Fitbit Surge vs. Apple Watch published shortly thereafter.

Yeah, I’m gonna be quantifying myself all over the place, and I figured that if I didn’t start having a workout program going, I’d find myself wanting and needing some sort of common ground needed. The whole idea is to have a standard work out setup so that I can rinse repeat with all of these devices through the same kind of activities for the same durations. At least that way, I will be able to say with a bit of confidence that “this” device performed this way during my standard workout and “that” device did that, etc.

So, the new job that I got near the end of last year has a “Biggest Loser” competition every year and this year, I am participating. I’m doing this partly because of the reviews and articles I need to write, partly because of the devices I have and will have, partly because I’m new to the company and need to get to know more of my co-workers (the company has about 200 people…), but mostly because I’ve lost sight of my shoes and my pants are harder to zip up than they were last year.

Yes… I need to lose about 25 pounds (ideally). More would be better.

So, I start working out this week. I plan to work out after work with my wife, and will also try to join some of my Biggest Loser team mates in the office gym during lunch. I’m not sure which days I will be where yet; but suffice it to say, that my goal is to really slim down this year. I’m tired of the clothes not fitting right…

And who knows, I might learn something cool about the smartwatches I’m looking at in the process. Stay tuned, kids. I should have something to post on the process in the next week or so.

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