The Apple & Samsung Trial Results – My Take Now that the Jury is In

I gave you the particulars of how the trial went. This time, let’s talk a bit about what I think Samsung needs to do now that the verdict is in.

Samsung, in my opinion, is clearly trying to piggy back on the successful design of the iPhone as much as they can.  Unfortunately according to the jury in this case, they were a little too successful at their effort. Samsung was found guilty of taking action that it knew or should have known would induce it to infringe the D’677, D’087, D’305, and/or D’889 Patents. It was found guilty of willfully infringing on the ‘381, ‘915, ‘163 D’087 and D’889 Patents. Samsung was also found guilty of diluting Apple trade marks with at least six (6) phones it offers or varying carriers: Fascinate, Galaxy S i9000, Galaxy S 4G, Showcase, Mesmerize, Vibrant.

Samsung’s counter claims were found to be wanting.  The jury did not find that Apple infringed on any of its patents.

The jury found Samsung liable for $1.051B in damages. That roughly works out to the following split per phone:

Prevail: Over $57 million
Infuse 4G: $44,792,974
Mesmerize: $53,123,612
Replenish: $3,350,256
Transform: $954,060

Now, what I’m hoping to see as a result of all of this is a drastic redesign in Samsung phones from this point forward. Samsung needs to drastically redesign the look of their hardware as well as their Android Launcher.  TouchWiz should be left behind and Samsung should look into a different UI presentation for Android.  Given the number of different launchers out there for Android, AND the fact that iOS has been on the market for more than 5 years, I’m certain its possible for them to come up with something different.  They could also acquire an Android launcher and its development team. There are certainly enough of them out there…

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