Smartphone 101 – Receiving a Call

  1. Conduct your call.
    USE-ios-02 RECV-and-03 USE-WP-03
    iOS Android Windows Phone
  2. When you’re done, press the End Call button to terminate the call.
USE-ios-02 RECV-and-04 USE-WP-04
iOS Android Windows Phone



Receiving a Call while on Another Call

This can happen pretty often, especially if you have a lot of friends or family that likes to talk.   Let’s assume that you’re already talking on your smartphone. You MAY be presented with a number of different options, depending on your phone and on the mobile OS.  In this scenario, we’re going to take the call, making use of call waiting, and effectively putting the first call, on hold while you answer the second. (Please note for the HTC One (M8), the screens are the same as receiving any other call.


  1. While the phone is in use and you’re in an active call, you receive a second phone call.
    CALW-ios-01 CALW-and-01 CALW-WP-01
    iOS Android Windows Phone
  2. Answer the call. For iOS, choose how you want to answer the call – end the current call and take the new call, send the new call to voice mail or place the current call on hold and answer the new call. Tap the appropriate button to make your choice. tap the green call button. For Android, tap the green “answer” button. For Windows Phone, you can ignore the call with a text message, or end the first call and take the second. WP 8.1 doesn’t appear to support a “hold” function for phone calls.
    CALW-ios-01 CALW-and-02 CALW-WP-02
    iOS Android Windows Phone
  3. Conduct your call.
    CALW-ios-02 CALW-and-03 CALW-WP-03
    iOS Android Windows Phone
  4. When you’re done, press the End Call button to terminate the call.
CALW-ios-02 CALW-and-04 CALW-WP-04
iOS Android Windows Phone

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