Smartphone 101 – Prerequisite 2: Setting up a Sync Relationship with Android Phone

9.    Wait for the Google Services and Servers to recognize who you are.

10.    Depending on the age of your Google Account (and the last time you used it), Google may want you to upgrade to Google+. Tap the “Get started” button to move through the setup process.

11.    Your name will be filled in.  However, you will need to identify your gender. Choose it, and then click the check box that indicates that you understand the changes to Picasa Web Albums.  Tap the right arrow button near the bottom of the screen when you are done.

12.    You can NEVER have too many backups.  I even backup my backups (seriously… I have 3-4 different backups of my Mac’s data via Time Machine as well as an online backup service, but that’s a column for another day…). Check all of the boxes on the Google Services screen. This will allow you to not only have yet another back up of your data (just in case something goes wrong with Verizon Cloud or if Verizon decides to stop offering that service), but will allow you to use Google’s Location Services for better Google Maps accuracy and Wi-Fi network usage.

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