RIM’s Impending Collapse – Sometimes I Hate it When I’m Right – Part 2

With its stock at an all-time low, the Ontario-based company has retained JP Morgan-Chase to help it evaluate its options

Sometimes I really hate it when I’m right. I really do…

Last time, I outlined how and why RIM retained JP Morgan-Chase to help it find a buyer for its corporate assets.  We spoke specifically about who would be good and likely candidates – Google, Microsoft and Apple topped the list.

I covered why both Google and Microsoft wouldn’t be the best candidates for the acquisition.  Let’s take a look at Apple as a viable candidate. It’s a pretty compelling scenario, even if I do say so myself, though it wouldn’t be without its own regulatory challenges…

If you think about it, a marriage between Apple and RIM brings up some very interesting opportunities. It is, in my mind the best possible outcome of RIM retaining JP Morgan-Chase. Apple is one of the biggest leaders in the mobile computing space at this time.  They currently set the height of the bar that most everyone, RIM included, has been trying to top since the introduction of the iPhone in 2007. The iPhone is the sole reason why RIM introduced the Blackberry Storm and Storm 2.  Those devices failed miserably because they didn’t know what they wanted to be – members of a serious enterprise tool kit, or poorly constructed, me too imitation of the consumer-based iPhone.

As Apple currently licenses Exchange ActiveSync to insure that its corral of iDevices can sync with Exchange Servers around the world, the acquisition of RIM’s push email patents could give Apple the opportunity to immediately acquire up to 78M additional iPhone customers.  I don’t know a Blackberry user ANYWHERE that wouldn’t immediately drop kick their Blackberry for an iPhone if it instantly and immediately hooked into an existing BIS/BES infrastructure.

Apple has been chomping at the bit to make serious headway in the enterprise space.  Building RIM’s push mail system into iOS would immediately…IMMEDIATELY…do that for iPad and iPhone. It would give them more than a serious hand hold on the enterprise market, and open up sales of Apple desktop hardware as BIS/BES are reenvisioned, reinnovated and optimized for OS X Lion/Mountain Lion Server.

With RIM’s patents, Apple’s iOS could become the new enterprise standard for mobile computing, clearly the hottest, most growth potential sector of the computing market and industry for, perhaps, the rest of the decade.  The iPad is already the biggest selling tablet in the world, with Google’s Android playing a distant second.  The integration of RIM’s push into iOS could negate Apple’s need for an Exchange ActiveSync license, as BIS/BES already work and integrate with Exchange.  Changes to Apple’s desktop Mail client to further support the new patents would insure that they could become a clear choice at work.  Apple servers could become the clear choice for mobile implementations as they drive mail servers for the enterprise.

If this isn’t THE no-brainer of the century, I’m clearly missing something…and I’d love to have someone tell me what that might be.

Now… would someone do me a HUGE favor and forward me Tim Cook’s phone number?  I’d really like to give him a call and encourage him to run after this…

Anyone..?  Anyone..?

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