Apple sues Samsung for “copying” iPhone and iPad

Apple once again suing other companies for intellectual property infringement. This time, it has reportedly sued Samsung Electronics for “copying the look and feel” of its iPhone and iPad after Samsung releases the Samsung Galaxy S II, which in some way similarly-designed to the iPhone.

“Rather than innovate and develop its own technology and a unique Samsung style for its smart phone products and computer tablets, Samsung chose to copy Apple’s technology, user interface, and innovative style in these infringing products,” the complaint states.

“It’s no coincidence that Samsung’s latest products look a lot like the iPhone and iPad, from the shape of the hardware to the user interface and even the packaging,” an Apple representative told Mobilized. “This kind of blatant copying is wrong, and we need to protect Apple’s intellectual property when companies steal our ideas.”

Well,  probably this will end with settlements and agreements. After all, Apple buys its iPhone supplies from Samsung.

Via Wall Street Journal

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