OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion Developer Preview 3

Share Sheets – You can share content via email, Messages, Twitter, AirDrop and Flickr (if you’ve chosen a picture, like I did, here). Select the content, right click and choose Share from the context menu that appears.

Share Sheets – Choosing a different file type, changes the choices you get in the context menu, as you can see here, you can’t post a Word document to Flickr; but you can share it via email, Messages or AirDrop.

Gate Keeper – You setup Gate Keeper in the Security and Privacy applet in System Preferences. There isn’t anything that specifically calls out the feature as Gate Keeper, something that may be changed before the software is released to the public.

Gate Keeper – Clicking the Advanced button on the Security & Privacy screen brings up additional options to keep your PC safe.

Gate Keeper – If you don’t have the Mac Firewall turned on, you should probably take a moment and flip the switch. It’s an extra piece of safety, and it may protect your PC from outside attacks.

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