The father of the post-PC era is dead

Yesterday Steven Paul Jobs (Co-founder and former Apple’s CEO) died of cancer at age 56. The world has lost one of the most influential and visionary character of the modern digital era, an entrepreneur and inventor who managed to change the consumer’s mentality in latter years through revolutionary products such as: iPod and the iTunes service, iPhone, iPad, or the latest generation of MacBook Air.

His remarkable career starts in the late 70’s as co-founder of Apple Inc. After a power struggle with the board management in 1985, he resigns and founds his own company NeXT. At the same time he acquires the computer division of Lucasfilm Ltd and renames into the worldwide known Pixar Animation Studios. After the acquisition of the studios by The Walt Disney Company, Steve becomes a member of Disney’s Board of Directors. His company NeXT kept the attention of Apple along its activity so in 1996 they decided to buy his company. In this way, Steve makes his comeback as a CEO in Apple from 1997 to 2011. His career ends in August this year when he resigns again from Apple due to his aggravated state of illness.

He was a loved and hated person at the same time, an aggressive and demanding personality as a result of his haunting perfectionism. He was also colleague, competitor and friend for over 30 years with Bill Gates and an avid fan of the Beatles who were taken as a model in his career. Through his achievements and complex personality Steve Jobs already reached the top of the most influential character of the 21st century remaining in the memory of many generations as a historical figure.

Rest in peace!

Bellow is a picture of the products launched by Apple since its inception until the launch of the iPhone in 2007. They also launched the iPad and iCloud since then.

Apple Evolution
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One of the most memorable speeches is Steve Jobs delivering his commencement speech to the graduates of Stanford University in 2005.

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