HTC One (M8) – Wrapping it all Up

With even more people relying on smartphones as their main computer, it’s easy to see how and why a larger screen iPhone would be very popular. I find the HTC One (M8) much easier to read than my iPhone 5. However, I don’t like carrying the HTC One (M8), because you have to use 2 hands to operate it.
HTC One (M8) -0007

The HTC One (M8) and the iPhone 5 – back view

The Camera
All I have to say is that the camera is a huge disappointment. The rapid shutter release is pretty cool; but that’s about all that’s good about the camera. Everything else I found to either be a gimmick or to be insufficient.

You can see my detailed review and analysis on the HTC One (M8) – Duo Camera here. What a sad development. I was really looking forward to having this be much better than it was. The press materials made it sound like it was a pretty cool deal; but then again, that’s the job of press material, isn’t it?

Of the entire device, this is probably the biggest disappointment of all.

Smartphones are the one thing that nearly everyone carries. Unless you’re going to go to a party, or are expecting to take pictures on any given day, it’s unlikely you’re going to haul around a DSLR and its multiple lenses, or even a point and shoot camera if you have a premium smartphone in your pocket. Cameras on them tend to be better than your point and shoot camera these days, with just about as many options and capabilities. To have the HTC One (M8’s) have the megapixel rating of a camera I bought in 2001 (I bought an Olympus Camedia E10 a pro-sumer DSLR, nearly 13 years ago), despite having two different lenses looking at the shot, is really, really disappointing.

The Software
Software on a non-Apple smartphone is often a mixed bag. Apple is really the only device manufacturer that I know of – going back through my entire 17 year mobile device experience – that has been able to muscle past the carrier’s demands to put bloatware on the device. HTC wasn’t able to convince Verizon to forego putting their own software on the device. I’ll speak to that in a bit more detail below.
Android 4.2.2 KitKat
Android has come a long way since I was heavily involved over two years ago (Gingerbread). Back then, there was a lot to be desired and a great many reasons to root your device and try to get a different distribution on it. I was so hell bent on doing it, that I became a bit of an expert… well, advanced user, really. I was able to root devices not only with automated tools, but manually as well. I was able to take just about any set of instructions, regardless of how poorly/well written they were and root just about any device. At the time (2010/2011), I had 3-4 different devices running 5-6 different distributions of Android (I liked to swap out different builds based on my needs or desire for eye candy, which could change as often as the wind blew.

The HTC One (M8) main Home Screen

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