Apple OS X 10.9 Mavericks

iTunes HD Playback

iiTunes-LogoApple and its iDevices are all about HD content right now. Every movie or TV show that you rent or purchase in the iTunes Music Store now comes in high definition. Playing that content requires a lot of processing power from both your CPU and GPU.

In order to help save power and battery life on your Mac, Mavericks has tweaked its video playback engine to make better use of its graphics processing power. This reduces the amount of time that your Mac pulls data from your hard drive or SSD. Your Mac’s ability to playback audio content is also more efficient, saving you up to 35% of your Mac’s battery life.

Compressed Memory

My Mac has got 16MB of RAM. If there’s one thing that I know, and has been a staple in computing from the beginning, the more RAM your PC has, the more it can do and the faster it is. Apple’s new Retina MacBooks and MacBook Pros only support 8GB of RAM at the top end. While they’ve made up for this with more efficient CPU’s and GPU’s with more processing cores, its clear that having larger, contiguous blocks of RAM available when you need it insures that your PC can do more, and be better at it.

With OS X Mavericks, Apple has introduced Compressed Memory, a technology that allows your Mac to free up larger, contiguous blocks of RAM when you need it most. When you start running out of memory, Mavericks compresses inactive app data in RAM and makes more memory available.

Improved Performance

Once you have more RAM available, Mavericks makes immediate use of it. Regardless of whether you have SSD’s, hybrid drives or fast, conventional hard drives, RAM is always faster. Today’s processors are very good at making use of available RAM. Once they have it, you’ll see its effect almost immediately.


I’ve got an Early 2011 15″ MacBook Pro. OS X 10.9 Mavericks runs on it VERY well. After spending over a couple of weeks with the OS, I can truly say that Mavericks is really what Mountain Lion should have been. Its fast, fixes a great many bugs and has your Mac functioning more like the Mac you might thing it should be.


The upgrade process was very easy to complete, and after the update the machine doesn’t have that gummed over, ugly-because-you-upgraded-instead-of-wiping-it-and-installing-everything-from-scratch feeling that I got with the upgrades of both Lion and Mountain Lion.

Any Mac running Mountain Lion will be able to run Mavericks. I upgraded my daughter’s Late 2008 13″ Aluminum Unibody MacBook and everything runs better than it did with Mountain Lion. The upgrade process went off without a hitch, too, in less than an hour.

The performance boosts that I’ve seen on both Macs have, and continue to be noticeable, even after working with them a week or more after performing the upgrade.

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