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Finder Tabs

After Apple’s desktop Maps integration, this was the second feature that I noticed in OS X Mavericks. Tabs have been a huge deal with browsers. Apple finally has brought the tabbed interface to its file system with Finder Tabs.

Finder Tabs help you declutter your desktop by consolidating multiple Finder windows into one. You could keep a tab for Documents, one for AirDrop, and one for Back to My Mac, all in a single Finder window. You can switch between tabs, customize views, and reorder them however you like. To move a file from tab to tab, just drag and drop. And now you can even expand a Finder window to full screen and effortlessly move files wherever you want.

Finder Tabs-01

The only thing I do NOT like, however, is that Apple put the tabs as a “fold under” rather than at the top of the window. The fold under view gets the job done very well, but its really not easy to see them or to see which tabs are open in a Finder window. Other 3rd party, tabbed interface add-ons do a much better job of providing this valuable feature.


I don’t know about you, but I live and die by my calendar. I’m in it all the time for personal stuff, as well as my work meeting schedule. If things don’t get recorded right or if they don’t get synchronized correctly, I’m totally lost.

In Mavericks, Calendar got a nice refresh. It’s a lot more streamlined with a new look. Its got continuous scrolling that allows you to smoothly move from week to week and month to month. It should display up to four weeks at a time, and will even do that across months. This is especially important for event planning when you have events or appointments that span the bottom or top of a month.


Calendar has a new event inspector. It makes working with existing or creating new events a lot easier. Its integration with Maps is pretty cool, as it can even suggest address and POI’s (points of interest) when you start typing in the Location field. It will also show your event’s exact location in Maps, will calculate travel time and can even display a weather forecast for that location.

I really love the updates to Calendar and find the Maps integration pretty cool. I don’t do a lot of travelling for work, but those that do – travelling consultants, sales people, etc. – should find this a HUGE help.


The new version of Safari in Mavericks is completely new. Its faster. It makes visiting your favorite sites easier. The new Sidebar provides Shared Links that connect to Twitter and LinkedIn and give you access to sites people you’re following on those sites like or post about.


If you were hoping for a faster rendering engine and surfing experience, Safari delivers. Its new Nitro Tiered JIT and Fast Start technologies make web pages more responsive. Its new power saving technologies insure that your laptop won’t waste battery life on web pages in the background or on undesirable web content.

If you have a lot of bookmarks or favorites, Safari has an improved way of organizing them. Top Sites and Safari’s new Side Bar give you access to the sites you visit the most. The Reading List allows you to add pages to an applet that lets you read content offline.


iBooks is Apple’s version of an eBook reader on their mobile device platform, iOS. In Mavericks, the app comes to the desktop. Now, books you buy in the Apple App Store will not only be readable on your iDevice, but on your Mac as well. You’ll be able to start reading on one device and then pick up on another, exactly where you left off.


The best thing about the iBook implementation on Mavericks is that every feature you have on your iDevice is fully supported on the desktop. From citations to bookmarks, zooming, animated page turning, as well as interactive diagrams and videos, this implementation is as complete as you’re used to seeing it elsewhere in the Apple ecosystem Every book you buy in the Store, regardless of which device you purchase it on, is available on every other supported device, with all of iBook’s features.

I think one of the neatest features for students, after you get past annotations and embedded video, is that you can open as many books at once as you want. I haven’t heard of any other platform or ecosystem that lets you do that.

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