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Travel – New!
If you remember Frommer’s Travel Guide, and liked the information, then you’re going to love Travel. The amount of data that you can get here, aggregated from Frommers as well as other sources is pretty nice.  This is really just another “RSS reader” based applet, but its visually, very stunning.   I really liked the Panoramas section, which offere a nice 360° view of just about everything in the shot. For those that really like to travel, you can get a lot of detailed information about the  area you wish to visit as well as all of the sightseeing and other touristy pearls of wisdom  on restaurants, hotels and attractions either before you go and book your trip or while you’re on site, provided you have internet access where you’re going. The picture of Dubai, here, is stunning.

Travel’s Featured Destinations page give you access to some of the most popular and attractive cities in the world.  With it, you can explore what to do when you plan a trip, figure out where to (and not) to go, and what you’d like to do first.

I think I enjoyed Travel’s Panoramas the most. Here you get a full 360° degree view of the noted city or attraction.  Not only do you get the full circular view, you can scroll vertically through the picture as well.

Case in point – here’s a really great panoramic scene from the John Hancock tower in Chicago.  As you can see, I’m looking straight down at the street, so you can scroll all through the entire picture.

Rio de Janeiro is one of Travel’s featured placed, and the view from behind the famous Christ the Redeemer stature is absolutely amazing.

If you’re looking to find out information about the location of your interest, then Travel’s Articles is a great place to start. Pick a place, scroll through the available articles and tap and read!

More panoramas.  The fact that they’ve included more of these throughout the application is really nice. You can get a good feel for the location before you venture there.

This is the view from Sugarloaf Mountain near Rio with cable cars to take you up and down the mountain. This panorama includes a great deal of detail from behind the railing, including other visitors, whose faces have been blurred (and names have been changed…) to protect the innocent (and obviously, their privacy).

Attractions can show you a great deal of information about the number of attractions near your location of interest. Remember, Windows 8 is touch friendly, so all you have to do to learn about a specific location is tap on the link.

Once you do tap, you’re taken to a lot of information, with ratings about the attraction.  I was surprised that additional pictures were not available.

A list of Hotels, direct from Frommer’s, is available in Travel.  Tap and scroll through the information you find on each one to help you either learn about local accommodations or to actually choose one. If you can’t find one you like or within your budget, you can tap the Find Hotels button to locate others.

Restaurants – Need I say more??  Daddy likes to get his eat on!  Sampling the local cuisine is important when you travel; and finding the best restaurant for your budget is important.  Travel can help you do that.

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