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News – New!

Think of News as a more elaborate RSS reader.  The app pulls articles, plus some related photos or graphics from Reuters and other news outlets.  However, I’m never going to get used to scrolling horizontally as opposed to vertically.

The top news story from Reuters is displayed here.  The full screen graphic that comes with each top story can actually be quite compelling and stunning. Links to the full article are displayed on the bottom third of the screen. The lead is printed in an 8pt or smaller font, and is a little difficult to read, even on my 1024×768 display.

News has a number of different screens for different types of news that it aggregates. This is the US News screen. The World News screen bleeds over into the US News display.

When you tap one of the story tiles, you’re taken to the actual article. You’ll need to remember that pages in Windows 8 scroll horizontally and not vertically like in every other version of Windows ever released.

There’s nothing earthshatteringly remarkable about News. It’s a decent news aggregator that covers world and national subjects.

I was finally able to get this bad boy to work; but it took doing the vanilla install to make it happen; and then, all is definitely NOT right with the world.  If you look at the gallery, you notice that while the app works, the camera image is upside down and backwards.  This is really just a driver issue, but at this late stage of the development and release cycle, you would think that this would be a bit more solid than it is.  I was disappointed and somewhat amused by the development.

Tapping the Camera Options button in the lower right corner brings up the following pop over dialog.  Here you can choose the camera resolution and the audio device.  I’m using the one’s built into the PC.  I was pleased to see that the web cam supported its full 1.2MP resolution, though.

Tapping the Timer button gives you a 3 second countdown before the camera captures a still shot.  With the Windows 8 driver installed and running, this worked without a problem, despite the fact that the image was upside down.

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