Wanted: Awesome PHP Developers To Join Soft32 Team!

Here at Soft32, we’re expanding and we’re currently seeking some epic PHP developers to join our elite team of technical gurus.

You will work on some big projects central to the direction of Soft32, including the Soft32 Updater app. We have some big plans for the near future that will make for some great challenges and open up some really awesome opportunities for the right developers. We let great developers do their thing without bureaucracy getting in the way.

We use great cutting edge technology like Amazon AWS (EC2, SimpleDB, S3, etc), memcache, ngnix, MongoDB & NoSQL, Node.JS etc.

We also do in-house development of our software application (Soft32 Updater) and a candidate with experience in .NET/C# is also needed too. If you are instead interested in .NET / C# Software Developer job, please apply here.

We have a great balance between the excitement and dynamism of a startup while offering a lot of flexibility. We seek motivated self-starters who don’t need to be micro-managed. We want the job done and not just putting in some defined amount of time. We offer a competitive salary and good benefits.


  • Maintaining existing backend code & APIs, creating new features and improving existing ones
  • Writing good, clean, fast, secure code
  • Identifying and eliminating bottlenecks
  • Writing and optimizing queries for high-concurrency workloads in SQL, MongoDB, memcached, etc
  • Broad understanding of web architecture and how it applies to scalability
  • Identifying and implementing new technologies and strategies to help us scale to the next level

Desired Qualities:

  • Enjoy writing high quality, easy to read, self-documenting code
  • A passion for learning about new technologies and pushing yourself
  • Attention to detail
  • A high LOC/bug ratio
  • Able to follow coding standards
  • Good communication skills
  • Well versed in best practices & security concerns for web development
  • Ability to work independently and on teams, with little guidance and with occasional micromanagement
  • More pragmatic than idealistic
  • Enjoy eating bugs for lunch


  • Experience developing on the LAMP stack (able to set up a LAMP install with multiple vhosts on your own is a plus)
  • Extensive experience with PHP
  • Extensive experience with SQL
  • Some experience with Javascript, HTML & CSS though you won’t be required to write it
  • Experience with version control software (svn, git)

Bonus points for (nice to have):

  • Well read in Software Engineering practices
  • Experience working with a PHP framework (eg: Zend)
  • Experience with a SQL database and optimizing queries for high concurrency on large data sets
  • Experience with noSQL databases like MongoDB, memcached.
  • Experience with Nginx
  • Experience creating APIs
  • Knowledge of Linux internals
  • Experience working on large scale systems with high volume of traffic
  • Useful contributions to the open source community
  • Fluency in lots of different programming languages
  • Experience with browser compatibility weirdness
  • Strong front-end JavaScript and CSS knowledge
  • Knowledge of Photoshop and a sense of design
  • Enjoying building user-focused interfaces, using Ajax when appropriate

Who we don’t want:

  • Architecture astronauts
  • Trolls
  • Complete n00bs
  • People who want a 9-6 job
  • People who would rather pretend to know everything than actually learn

Are you interested in this position?
Apply here!


About Soft32
Established in 2001, Soft32 is a pioneer of download and reviews websites. With visitors from North America, Europe and Asia, Soft32 delivers simple, powerful and up-to-date reviews and downloads for more than 5 million users worldwide. Soft32Updater is developed as an extension of Soft32 that complements it very well by first of all solving a major problem most PC and Windows users are having: chasing, searching, finding and installing the latest software versions.
For more information, visit http://careers.itnt.ro and http://www.soft32.com.

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