The Top 11 New Features in iOS 7

First Impressions

Yeah… I dunno… A lot has happened to iOS with this release; and the way the OS is behaving, it’s not just a coat of paint. The base of the code has been changed. Its behaving VERY differently than iOS 6.x.

I will tell you that I am not a fan of the flat look that they’re introducing and seems to be the current fad. It’s the same level of stark, white that you see in Windows 8 and Windows Phone, and it’s definitely NOT me. The milky, white cast or frost to most of the lay over elements is ugly and the color scheme is too bland.

I like Control Center, a lot; but wish it were end user customizable. I like Notification Center, but I don’t like how Stocks is implemented. In iOS 5 and 6, Stocks appeared as a crawl. I’d prefer to have that back, as I have enough calendar events spread out to make me scroll through the entire day as it is. As it stands now, Notification Center is like, 27 feet tall… I also miss the graphical Weather representation. I’d really like to see that on my Lock Screen, but I likely won’t get it.

Over all, iOS 7 is an ok improvement, but so far, not great. It really isn’t. I’m not pleased with the graphical design of the UI here. Maybe I expected too much, but I was certainly expecting more. Maybe Apple waited too long. Maybe people in general want change, but don’t know what that should be or how to implement it.

Many pundits are panning the UI changes in the current betas of iOS 7. Alex Burinskiy over at C|Net put it very well when he said that the current, proposed interface reminds him of the love child that Android and Windows Phone would have if they had a baby.


Apparently, it has a face only its “father” can love… I’d like to see changes made to this as well. I don’t’ like the pastels and frosted look. I don’t like the white spaced, Microsoft Office 2013/ Windows 8 look. However, the accelerometer based lock and home screen wallpaper is kinda cool. It definitely gives depth to the flat look inspired by the rest of the OS.

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