The Gaming Report – WoW: The Shattering is Xmas Without the Presents

I didn’t say it! A user on the forums did. I logged on World of Warcraft this morning to see the changes patch 4.0.3a brought to Azeroth. This patch brings the “old world” in line with the new expansion that is coming out in less than two weeks, meaning all the level 1-60 zones have been revamped and filled with quests – just enough to make you want to start a new character and leave you wanting more for your main.

The new – and less noisy – login screen is finally here, along with all the new music and the grand Cataclysm cinematic intro.

But what does this bring for your level 80 character? Well, if you were bored to death until now, I’ve got bad news for you. There still isn’t much to do for your main. You can start north and choose the southern flight path to see what’s been changed in the world, you can visit Stormwind to see the damages Deathwing brought, or Ogrimmar to see the big changes and smell the roses, but in the end… still nothing to do.

Flight hasn’t been unlocked in the “new” old zones, no matter how much your friends in world trade chat want to convince you [Flight Master’s License] is available for purchase. Archaeology will only be available after Cataclysm launch. Guild experience isn’t working yet.

Oh and portals have been removed from Shattrath and Dalaran and replaced with class trainers, just so you won’t feel tempted to go back there – and ruin my mage’s portal profit. Hmm can’t say I disagree with that much…

Anyway, if you really wanted to start another character and never got the guts to go back and do it “oldschool” with quests asking you to kill 100 rats – now is the time to start leveling! But not a Goblin or Worgen – because they aren’t in the game yet either.

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