The Gaming Report – Because Minority Report is finally in the living room

Okay this not only registers as “gaming” but also in Windows, hardware and if there were a “awesomely cool” category I would include it there as well. Everyone talks Kinect these days – how it will revolutionize controller industry, etc. – but did anyone checked how many people actually watched (or re-watched) Minority Report these days?!

Seriously speaking though, I have to watch that movie again! No, no, no…. really serious now: The Germans at Evoluce are the first guys to show a Windows 7 interface controlled by a Kinect device.

Evoluce specializes in multitouch stuff and with a little help from Redmond and a lot of hard work I assume, they can control Windows just by hand gestures. So that first Star Trek episode where Spock showed detailed info on a planet navigating with his hands, or the April first joke from Opera when you could control the browser with face gestures – may not seem so funny now.

Anyway, as you can see in these videos, you can browse through media, resize stuff, arrange icons, scroll through web pages, zoom in or out of webpages and maps, draw stuff, and who knows how many more things will pop up into people’s mind once the foundation for this stuff is established.

And to all the naysayers who claim – for a good reason – mouse interaction is faster, I say the same as I do with voice control. Not only it’s cooler this way, but you don’t have to use just gesture or voice navigation. You can combine methods to increase the speed you interact with devices a lot if you’re smart! It really depends on the purpose they serve as well – a presentation in a crowded conference room for example is the perfect place to use your hands skill…

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The Gaming Report – Because Crytek is up to no good again… in yo’ Warface!

So the rumors are true, Crytek is into online first person shooters now, but what you aren’t going to like is that the game is “tailored” to suit the Asian and especially the Korean market.

Warface is developed by Crytek Seoul so we should kinda see this coming, and yet we all hoped for a more broader audience. Well maybe it will work for US and Europe as well in the end, who knows…

The game seems to be developed on CryENGINE 3, so it should look pretty good (I know for a fact they were tweaking it to create decent interiors and not just vast open areas) – and should also require a system so powerful to work on no man will be able to afford it at launch date. Maybe if you’re on the Enterprise you can drop out of Warp and redirect resources to be able to play it decently.

What’s interesting is that Warface is an online free to play FPS that will have PvE and PvP aspects, and co-op missions will play a key part in the game, not just head hunting deathmatches. Who knows, maybe this will be a more complex game than we thought, God knows we’ve been waiting for a less shallow online FPS for ages now…

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The Gaming Report – Because Reznov is Dead

Or is he dead? That’s what the in-game code says, not me!

Yes, it’s the latest Call of Duty: Black Ops. And sorry for end game spoilers if you’ve come this far, but hey, I’m not revealing too much. Neither does the Easter Egg, but you have to admit it is actually cool that someone thought of this.

Here’s how you do it in case you are too anxious to watch the whole video and too lazy to scroll through: At the beginning of each singleplayer mission, just as you take control of your character mission objectives will appear in the corner of your screen. But along with those, a military term followed by a code will appear. Look for things like Tango, Delta, Charlie, etc.

Note down these and the numbers. At the end of the game you should have a big list. Now pick the initial letter of each term. Consider X as space. You will have “Reznov is Dead”. Now the numbers: each number is a letter of the alphabet, just start counting…

Well you get the idea, you go ahead and have fun now. I myself should play more Black Ops, I’ve barely seen the game since it was released… After all… There’s a soldier in all of us, right? I love this video. 🙂

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The Gaming Report – WoW: The Shattering is Xmas Without the Presents

I didn’t say it! A user on the forums did. I logged on World of Warcraft this morning to see the changes patch 4.0.3a brought to Azeroth. This patch brings the “old world” in line with the new expansion that is coming out in less than two weeks, meaning all the level 1-60 zones have been revamped and filled with quests – just enough to make you want to start a new character and leave you wanting more for your main.

The new – and less noisy – login screen is finally here, along with all the new music and the grand Cataclysm cinematic intro.

But what does this bring for your level 80 character? Well, if you were bored to death until now, I’ve got bad news for you. There still isn’t much to do for your main. You can start north and choose the southern flight path to see what’s been changed in the world, you can visit Stormwind to see the damages Deathwing brought, or Ogrimmar to see the big changes and smell the roses, but in the end… still nothing to do.

Flight hasn’t been unlocked in the “new” old zones, no matter how much your friends in world trade chat want to convince you [Flight Master’s License] is available for purchase. Archaeology will only be available after Cataclysm launch. Guild experience isn’t working yet.

Oh and portals have been removed from Shattrath and Dalaran and replaced with class trainers, just so you won’t feel tempted to go back there – and ruin my mage’s portal profit. Hmm can’t say I disagree with that much…

Anyway, if you really wanted to start another character and never got the guts to go back and do it “oldschool” with quests asking you to kill 100 rats – now is the time to start leveling! But not a Goblin or Worgen – because they aren’t in the game yet either.

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The Gaming Report – Because Too Much Work Will Kill You Without a Respawn Timer

So Games32 is not going to be updated for a while (I hope it will be sometimes in the future…), but I figured there has to be a way to keep my favorite two readers tuned to the gaming industry pulse. Given the considerable less amount of time I have available to spent on this now, I can’t of course make any promises on what or when I will cover gaming stuff. If you however have any request please feel free to comment. I’ll read and try to oblige…

Yes, there will be new games, upcoming cool games, but I would also like to add once in a while some retro games that I feel so connected with because I grew up with them, and they grew up on me.

So today, instead of looking at the future, will take a quick look back at the past, with the world’s first Real Time Strategy game ever (okay there were previous RTS games, but this is considered the landmark)! Dune 2: The Building of a Dynasty.

If the name doesn’t ring a bell, think Starcraft, Warcraft, Command and Conquer. Yes, Westwood Studios who developed this game was comprised of members who later worked on the above projects. And those are only a few titles worth mentioning. Here: Dark Reign and Total Annihilation – totally Dune inspired as well.

The game was released in 1992 and later ported to consoles in 1993. It featured three factions: the noble Atreides, the insidious Ordos and the evil Harkonnen as they were presented to the player. Each had unique technology and weapons, it featured the familiar building sidebar and the minimap – commodities we all grew accustomed to.

In Dune 2 you could only control one unit at the time, so the game really felt like chess on steroids, making you work for your victory not only with your mind, but also with your keys. The added hassle of the Sandworms ready to swallow up just about anyone made this game really dynamic.

But what has gotten into me you ask – that has me babbling about an 18 year old game?! As usual, it is one of the new technologies. I was actually searching the other day for more meaningful, cooler games for my Android phone. I don’t want to shoot things and I’m not particularly enjoying driving cars on it – so the first things that popped into mind where Dune 2 and Transport Tycoon Deluxe.

I’ve searched the web for both, with various results, but still haven’t been able to run a version on my phone. Again, if you have any help in this matter, it would be gratefully appreciated. But meanwhile, here’s what I found:

Dune II: The Golden Path – A multiplayer oriented Dune 2 mod:

Dune II – The Maker – Probably the closest copy of the game you can find:

Dune Legacy – Decent mod but you will need the original game files copied with this:

Although every game mentioned above is trying to bring back the feeling I had while playing Dune 2, my experience with them doesn’t compere to the original. I would really love to just see the original working well on Windows 7, and maybe on my phone – that would be just awesome. But hey if you have nothing better to do these days and want to give an ol’ man a chance, give Dune 2 a shot.

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