The Gaming Report – Kinect’s First “Sex” Game?

Come on! You knew it, I knew it… Everybody knew it! Sooner or later someone had to start try to make a sex game out of it! Sure, you’re massaging air, but at least you do it with your hand, not with your mouse…

Popular sex game maker ThriXXX is experimenting with Microsoft’s new motion controller toy – the Kinect – in order to give players a fresh new perspective on games.

This early technology preview you are about to see uses the Kinect motion controller (of course), the open source drivers library for it, and runs on Windows 7.

Also note: this video has been taken offline from Youtube several times, so I don’t know how long it will stay up… Enjoy it while you can (or just do a search, I’m sure some good-hearted Samaritan will re-post it under a different account).

Enjoy your groping!

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The Gaming Report – Beyond the Real Life

There is a whole cult of World of Warcraft related parody movies on the internet. But probably one of the most successful clips out there could be considered Edge of Real Life, answering the existential question everyone of us is thinking every day: how would the real world be if it was made after WoW.

So based on the success of their previous clip, Almost Done Productions and Better Late Than Never finally release their latest masterpiece, after a five year production: Beyond the Real Life.

The official site offers more info on the subject, as well as the whole movie of course.

So here have a look! Very funny stuff! Oh and by the way – I got to level 85 – yay me!

Beyond the Real Life is a fan movie set in World of Warcraft universe. It’s a comedy / parody of WoW’s game mechanics, players, characters and lore, combining machinima with live action shots of real actors to seamlessly blend together the in-game and real life worlds.

Beyond the Real Life tells a simple story. A Human warrior Tank and his gay Paladin friend Bubbleballs set out on a quest across the continent to save Tank’s new girlfriend from an Undead mage N33d2getl4id. What adventures and situations they get into is the heart of this 45 minute movie in which almost every shot is a combination of in-game items, characters, or environments with real life footage and special effects.

Making this movie has been a lot of fun and we hope that the community will enjoy it as well. We wanted to create something funny and nice to look at, trying to improve on the successful prequel called The Edge of Real Life, which debuted years ago and to this day counts more than one and a half milion views on Youtube.

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The Gaming Report – DirectX 11 in WoW

There are a lot of ellaborate guides on the web on how to enable experimental DirectX 11 rendering in the recently expanded huge MMORPG World of Warcraft Cataclysm.

So first: what will this do for you? Well if you have a decently new videocard, switching to DirectX 11 will possibly bring increasing Frames Per Second in most zones on the highest of details.

While DirectX 9 may be a bit slower, you won’t feel at a visual disadvantage to those using the newer version just because you don’t have a compatible card or using Windows 7 while you are just under good ol’ XP (DirectX 11 is not available for this OS). Every effect still looks the same. The only gains are in performance.

Also, you will probably notice some glitches along the way on some systems – depending on your hardware configuration. Despite that however, there’s no loss in trying to see how it runs on your system. Personally I found some problems with water rendering on NVIDIA cards or just water borders while they transition to land not showing up…

Anyways, getting to the facts, you have two options to enable the new rendering more for WoW:

  • Look on your desktop or your favorite place from where you start the game – for your World of Warcraft shortcut. Right-click it, and select properties. Under the shortcut tab, add at the end of the line “-d3d11” (without quotes). Click Ok.

  • Alternately you can right-click your WoW shortcut and select “Open file location”. Go to your WTF folder, and double click the file “”. Open it with Notepad. Scroll at the end of the document, and add on a new line SET gxApi “d3d11”. Save your file.

Any time you want to go back to the way WoW renders graphics by default, just repeat the same procedure and remove the line you just added. Be sure the game isn’t already running while you are making changes!

That’s it! Some have experienced up to 40% performance increase in some zones, so happy gaming!

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The Gaming Report – A (Not So) Cataclysmic Day

After a fairly decent evening sleep, I woke up at midnight (Europe here) to witness the epic launch of the latest World of Warcraft Expansion pack: Cataclysm.

Servers went down at 1 minute past midnight, but refused to come up immediately as expected. Jokes already started to fly in from my friends but strangely enough, 40 minutes passed midnight all the servers were back up to stay. Despite crowded areas, everything worked properly and was really fun. Past experiences taught Blizzard well it seems. Again two starting areas to balance server load a bit, but offering a radically different experience:

  • Vashj’ir – this awesome underwater island (yes fireballs seem to work underwater too).
  • Mount Hyjal – a more “old school” questing zone where players have to once more defend the infamous World Tree

I’ve tried both zones a bit to give an honest opinion about them. I don’t know in which you will level faster (probably doing dungeons instead), but both experiences are different and enjoyable. I will probably end up doing both, but Vashj’ir draws my attention a bit more right now…

In other *phew* news – I finally got my flight license – in Azeroth. Flying is NOT overrated I tell ya’. Seeing Ogrimmar from upstairs certainly changes perspective a bit. And let’s not forget the utility of it!

And ummm… that’s about it I got really sleepy… I’ll keep you up to date! Bye!

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ES File Explorer for Android

In my epic search to find the most awesome file browser for an Android device, I’ve stumbled upon many programs. But after a couple of weeks of trying most stuff out there, it is in ES File Explorer that I found peace of mind. At least of now…

But why makes it so special? Well, besides regular file operations like cut, copy, paste, delete, etc.; multiple file select; and managing your SD card as well as your internal phone memory structure (with limitations if your phone is not rooted of course), EStrongs offers a bunch of handful tools that really help you with your day to day phone operations.

ES can access local shares inside your network via wireless simplifying interactions between your PC and phone by a lot! No need for cables anymore when transferring files and you can do it anywhere in the range of your WLAN.

In the latest version ES also offers Bluetooth and FTP access, making transfers between devices as easy as you would use a regular network.

Also included are a zip viewer/extractor, a video/audio player, an image and text viewer, and a bunch of on-demand downloadable plugins like Task Manager, Security Manager, Bookmark Manager and more.

ES File Explorer can be found here (official website) or on the app marketplace.

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The Gaming Report – Gratuitous Space Battles: Galactic Conquest

Not so gratuitous now, eh?

You see? That’s the advantage when you’re not working for a big corporation. Not only you get to design the game you like, however you like, but you also to listen to fans. Cliff Harris, game creator, now pushes forward with a much anticipated campaign for GSB!

After three expansion packs and a Collector’s Edition, it’s time for GSB to get less gratuitous and more meaningful. In Galactic Conquest you will get to conquer 52 worlds with the help of your fleets. But winning each battle will not be the only thing you have to worry, but rather how you win it and with what forces.

You see, fleets are now persistent, and whatever ships you manage to keep in one piece after a battle remain with you along the way. You will also be able to capture various alien ships and use them in your fleet.

Oh, but look at me, again going into detail when many of you don’t know what this game is all about. Gratuitous Space Battles is a different breed of strategy game. What matters most is planning, as you can design ships and use various tactics to face enemy foes controlled by the AI. Once your ships are deployed in a tactical manner, you have no direct interaction with the battlefield or your fleet whatsoever, and the battle takes place on its own. Ships execute pre-established orders and follow a set o priorities when engaging.

The battle is concluded when one of the sides has nothing left… or retreats (yes, it’s a new feature of the campaign). And depending on your success, experience points are granted. You can use gained points to buy improved tech for your ships, and attempt more difficult missions.

So back to the newly added twist with campaign mode, everything gets more exciting! You will have to manage credits, ships, crew plus loyalty and threat levels that determine your influence rating towards a planet.

Overall this gets today’s “cool” rating on my blog. And I’m still hoping this will evolve to be the next Master of Orion!

GC should be on sale soon through Impulse, GamersGate, Direct2Drive and Steam, as well as directly from the developer’s site:

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The Gaming Report – Revisiting New Vegas

I was really hyped about this game when it came out. But for many many reasons I wasn’t able to play it much.

Fallout 3 had its flaws but also fun parts. To my hardcore heart, it’s still a weak shadow of what once was Fallout 2, but even in this state it can be fun and enjoyable. A different experience for sure.

In such a complex world, even with the most dedicated game polishing team in the world inventive players would still find bugs. I remember patch lists in the first two games back in the days were huge. But migrating to 3D and a first person perspective brings a new fun and creepy side to ingame bugs. (Most of these are fixed in the latest patch by the way).

What stopped me abruptly the first time I tried New Vegas, the same as the original Fallout 3, was the inability to make a decently looking character. Either you create a male looking like a female, or a female with male looks, you just can’t get rid of the ugliness. And admittedly I’m not the luckiest person in the world, so it won’t matter if I randomize faces 100 or 1 million times.

But this time I am determined! I’ll get passed this with my newly found beauty pack and (maybe) nude pack addons. is a great place to find and customize that Fallout install.

First, get the mod manager, so you don’t have to manually install stuff:

Then through top downloads you can find Beauty Pack PLUS -Project Mikoto- Hair – Eyes – Presets and maybe BEWARE OF GIRL Type 3 HiRez HiDetailed Replacer (read nude patch).

Of course there are many more addons, just to tweak this game however you like. Hey, tell me if something catches your eye, okay?

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F-Secure Antivirus 2011 – the veteran antivirus is refreshed and ready for 2011

One of the veteran antivirus programs, F-Secure was born (under a different name) in 1988. Along the road antivirus technology has changed, adapted as viruses also became more complex. But the fact that F-Secure is still here proves it is indeed a reliable program.

Read more and download F-Secure Antivirus 2011 on Soft32.

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