Sony Unveils The PSP2

Sony is back with the new PSP with codename “Next Generation Portable”. Presented at an event in Tokyo the new portable system will be as powerful as the PS3.

The new device will come with the following features:

  • 5-inch OLED touchscreen with 960×544 resolution (the current PSP has a 4.3-inch LCD with 480 × 272 resolution)
  • ARM Cortex A9 core CPU (4 core)
  • SGX543MP4 GPU
  • storage: “new type of mini flash memory cards” (definitely no UMDs anymore)
  • new form factor (Sony speaks of a “super oval” shape)
  • touch pad on the rear that allows users to “touch” or “push” objects in games from the back
  • 3G and Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11b/g/n connectivity (3G for a gaming system is a first)
  • front and rear cameras
  • dual analog sticks
  • tilt-sensitive SIXAXIS controls
  • GPS
  • built-in stereo speakers, mic
  • Bluetooth 2.1+EDR
  • size: 182.0 x 18.6 x 83.5mm

More info and a list of games featured by this handheld at CrunchGear.

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Joost To Become The World’s Largest Video Platform

Adconion Media Group, an independent global audience and content network, announced today its board of directors approved Adconion’s video product, Joost Video Network, to be spun off into a separate standalone business with the intent to form the world’s largest video platform effective immediately. The newly launched Joost, a digital media company, will be dedicated to providing premium branded solutions for advertisers and brand marketers seeking to reach their targeted audience with engaging and high impact in-stream and in-banner video advertising. The new unit will be led by Nick Higgins as executive vice- president, where he was previously the head of global video at Adconion Media Group. Prior to joining Adconion, Higgins was at MSN where he held several senior positions over the last 10 years.

Joost also offers branded entertainment services through its partnership with RedLever, a state-of-the-art, global studio specializing in developing and producing brand-integrated content for the Web. And as a standalone business unit, Joost will benefit from a better-defined, more distinct and expanded role in the video marketplace. The new unit will concentrate on leveraging its core strengths in three primary areas:

– Owned and operated which includes pre-roll, in-banner and site skinning capabilities among;

– Exclusive partnerships including exclusive site and inventory representation as well as exclusive content; and

– Premium relationships which includes but not limited to pre-roll and display network, in-banner videos and Joost distributable player

Joost will continue to focus on building its premium video network but will now also increase its exclusive audience and global reach across it’s owned and operated, and will continue to sign exclusive site representation deals with leading video and entertainment sites. The new unit will improve its market visibility as an online, brand-centric video provider of choice, and will be able to react even faster to client needs and dynamic market changes.

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WinArchiver Virtual Drive – A Free Virtual CD/DVD ROM Utility for Windows

WinArchiver Virtual Drive is a free Virtual CD/DVD ROM utility. It can mount not only all popular CD/DVD image files, but also all popular archives. WinArchiver Virtual Drive supports the following file types: .zip (WinZip Files), .rar (WinRAR Files), .7z (7z Files), .mzp (Mountable Archive), .iso (CD/DVD Image File), .001 (7z Sub Volume), .arj, .bz2, .bzip2, .gz, .gzip, .tar, .taz, .tbz, .tbz2, .tgz, .tpz, .cab, .cpio, .deb, .lha, .lzh, .rpm, .split, .swm, .wim (Windows Imaging File), .z, .daa (PowerISO File), .bin, .cue, .mdf, .mds, .ashdisc, .bwi, .b5i, .lcd, .img, .cdi, .cif, .p01, .pdi, .nrg (Nero Disc Image), .ncd, .pxi, .gi, .fcd, .vcd, .c2d, .dmg (Apple Disc Image), .bif, .ima, .flp, .uif (MagicISO File).

WinArchiver Virtual Drive can mount ZIP, RAR, 7Z, and other archives as virtual drive instantly. It provides a more convenient and faster way to access files in archives. You can mount an archive as a virtual drive, then access files in the archive through the virtual drive. With this feature, you don’t need unpack archives before open files in archive, which can help you save lots of time.

You can download WinArchiver Virtual Drive from here.

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WiFiPad – your free wireless gamepad over Wi-fi for iPhone or iPod Touch

When it comes to gaming controllers, we can find plenty of them of out there, in many shapes and sizes. However, most gamers don’t bother buying one – especially the casual gamers. Well, thanks to WiFiPad, if you own an iPhone or iPod Touch, you can turn it into a wireless gamepad controller. Ok, it might not be the same feeling but it’s quite cool anyway.

Above, you can view a short YouTube demo of someone playing Halo with WiFiPad.

As you probably expected, there will be two software components that you have to install and configure, one for the iPhone (or iPod Touch) and one for the the computer which will run the server.

You can download the component for your iPhone/iPod Touch here and the component for your OS (Windows/Mac OS X) here.

Note: In order to operate, both the computer and the iPhone (or iPod Touch) must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Also, the TCP/UDP port 8989 & 8990 must be open.

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HP-Palm’s Topaz Tablet with the new 1.2Ghz Processor

It looks like the Topaz (and the Opal, if HP decides to go with the same processor for its smaller model) will come packing a Qualcomm MSM8660 processor clocked to 1.2GHz. In terms of graphics you’re looking at the MSM8660’s integrated Adreno 220 GPU. We also now know that the Topaz will have 512MB of RAM, Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR and a 24WHr battery that’s supposed to be good for up to eight hours.

Read the full article on HP Palm Topaz.

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OSForensics is a free and comprehensive diagnostic tool

OSForensics is a collection of diagnostic tools that will provide a complete report about your computer configuration, files stored and activity. From just searching for files to create and compare hash results, OS Forensics is a complete solution for any system engineer or simple user.

read the full review download OSForensics

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Three dimensional video recording with the introduction of the Panasonic HDC-SDT750

Digital video cameras showed up about fifteen years back, high-definition just 5 years ago, and today video is becoming 3D too. This is how it works; the unique 3D transformation camera lens captures left-eye and right-eye visuals at the same time via the pair of lenses, hence creating video footage which may be viewed in 3D. The images are recorded in an image resolution of 960 by 1080 pixels which will come across great on regular three dimensional TV sets. Without having the three dimensional transformation lens connected, any HDC-SDT750K works additionally as a high-performance full High definition video camera. The actual lens is made for close-up depth perception within the three to fifteen foot range; it also does not have any kind of zoom capacity. Overall, the actual video camera has not significantly changed from the HDC-TM700, with the exception that the item is now delivered together with the attachable 3D transformation lens, benefits from enhanced noise reduction and also comes with an updated OIS.

Fortunately, it isn’t really too difficult to change the actual screw-on lens, in order to change it into a typical zoom capable 2D video camera. Whenever you do insert the three dimensional lens back again  there is a easy series of  startup selections, that allow you to fine-tune the actual twin lenses inside the 3D add-on using a couple of knobs concealed within a compartment on the actual assembly.

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Samsung Galaxy S gets Android 2.2.1 (I9000XWJS3) through Kies – build date 11 January 2011

I can confirm myself, this version of firmware brings with it not only general bug fixes to Froyo, but it seems to make the device move much faster without any lag fixes – I guess it just doesn’t need any.

A few details about this firmware…

Firmware: I9000XWJS3
Firmware build date: 11 January 2011
Swype version: 2.6.47
Swype languages: UK/US English, Deutsch, Francais, Nederlands, Svenska, Dansk, Suomi, Norsk, Hrvatski, Romana, Srpski, Slovenscina and 2 more.
Quadrant score: 1216

Ok, let’s see a few improvements:

– doesn’t need lag-fixes
– no wireless issue
– no gps issue
– 26 apps thought Samsung apps
– no battery bug
– there are more, I’m sure, but this is what I noticed

If you want to update your firmware to this version you need to:

– install the latest version of KIES, or update it.
– remove all lag-fixes from your phone
– backup your phone contacts and calendar
– use Kies Registry Patcher to spoof your phone product code as: NEE
– update your phone through KIES
– factory reset your phone
– restore lost data, contacts and calendar

You can get the latest version of Samsung Kies from: here.

Note: this update is available only if your phone product code is NEE (Dutch CSC). Otherwise, you can update only if you spoof your product code to NEE using for example Kies Registry Patcher v.1.7 – however, this will void your warranty and can brick your device (actually, the update procedure itself can do it), so use the spoofing metod on your own risk.

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