The Gaming Report – Beyond the Real Life

There is a whole cult of World of Warcraft related parody movies on the internet. But probably one of the most successful clips out there could be considered Edge of Real Life, answering the existential question everyone of us is thinking every day: how would the real world be if it was made after WoW.

So based on the success of their previous clip, Almost Done Productions and Better Late Than Never finally release their latest masterpiece, after a five year production: Beyond the Real Life.

The official site offers more info on the subject, as well as the whole movie of course.

So here have a look! Very funny stuff! Oh and by the way – I got to level 85 – yay me!

Beyond the Real Life is a fan movie set in World of Warcraft universe. It’s a comedy / parody of WoW’s game mechanics, players, characters and lore, combining machinima with live action shots of real actors to seamlessly blend together the in-game and real life worlds.

Beyond the Real Life tells a simple story. A Human warrior Tank and his gay Paladin friend Bubbleballs set out on a quest across the continent to save Tank’s new girlfriend from an Undead mage N33d2getl4id. What adventures and situations they get into is the heart of this 45 minute movie in which almost every shot is a combination of in-game items, characters, or environments with real life footage and special effects.

Making this movie has been a lot of fun and we hope that the community will enjoy it as well. We wanted to create something funny and nice to look at, trying to improve on the successful prequel called The Edge of Real Life, which debuted years ago and to this day counts more than one and a half milion views on Youtube.

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How to prevent data loss – HDD Life Pro

HDDlife Pro is a very useful hard drive utility for any computer at home or in any company. For many of you this may appear to be be useless, but when your hard drive crashes with all your important information and you cannot recover it anymore, you will realize that this utility was worth installing in order to prevent the disaster. Read more about HDDlife Pro here.

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An extremely simple but useful app that notifies you when you have received a mail in your Gmail account

Gmail Peeper comes with an extremely basic interface based on two tabs featuring the actual diplay list and the settings. In order to start it you have to input your Gmail username or account and password into the settings tab and ‘voila’, Gmail Peeper is ready to start. You can manually scan you inbox or you can set the app to do this job automatically after a desired period of time. In this way Gmail Peeper can run in background without using any resources and can be loaded when you start up your machine.

read full review download Gmail Peeper

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The Gaming Report – DirectX 11 in WoW

There are a lot of ellaborate guides on the web on how to enable experimental DirectX 11 rendering in the recently expanded huge MMORPG World of Warcraft Cataclysm.

So first: what will this do for you? Well if you have a decently new videocard, switching to DirectX 11 will possibly bring increasing Frames Per Second in most zones on the highest of details.

While DirectX 9 may be a bit slower, you won’t feel at a visual disadvantage to those using the newer version just because you don’t have a compatible card or using Windows 7 while you are just under good ol’ XP (DirectX 11 is not available for this OS). Every effect still looks the same. The only gains are in performance.

Also, you will probably notice some glitches along the way on some systems – depending on your hardware configuration. Despite that however, there’s no loss in trying to see how it runs on your system. Personally I found some problems with water rendering on NVIDIA cards or just water borders while they transition to land not showing up…

Anyways, getting to the facts, you have two options to enable the new rendering more for WoW:

  • Look on your desktop or your favorite place from where you start the game – for your World of Warcraft shortcut. Right-click it, and select properties. Under the shortcut tab, add at the end of the line “-d3d11” (without quotes). Click Ok.

  • Alternately you can right-click your WoW shortcut and select “Open file location”. Go to your WTF folder, and double click the file “”. Open it with Notepad. Scroll at the end of the document, and add on a new line SET gxApi “d3d11”. Save your file.

Any time you want to go back to the way WoW renders graphics by default, just repeat the same procedure and remove the line you just added. Be sure the game isn’t already running while you are making changes!

That’s it! Some have experienced up to 40% performance increase in some zones, so happy gaming!

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Quick’n’easy PDF reading using Cool PDF Reader 3

We all know that when it comes to PDF files, the Adobe products come immediately to our mind. Well, this is true but it’s also true that Adobe products are quite large in size and use serious computer resources while running. As opposed to that, I found Cool PDF Reader.

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Enjoy video content (and audio) with a refreshing HD Video Player

When it comes to third party video players for Windows, both VLC Media Player and KMPlayer take the prize. As a new possible debutant to those mentioned above is Splash Lite.

Splash Lite is a quite new video player that I recently discovered. It looks great and offers a smooth video playback. More, Splash is refreshingly simple. You won’t find all kinds of post-processing options and settings that you never use and that overwhelm the interface and make things that you really use hard to find. However, you won’t miss the essential features such as support for digital television for those with a TV card, aspect radio or dual monitor output.

You can find out more by reading the full review of Splash Lite or downloading Splash Lite.

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Client application for the 4shared browser-based file storage system

In case you are a 4shared upload and sharing service user, you can now obtain for a much better file management solution through its client application 4shared desktop. Instead of using the browser-based file storage system interface, you can now upload, share and manage files using this application which is free. 4shared desktop comes with a Windows-style interface which is easy to use if you are familiar with the browser-based interface. With its classic look and traditional file tree display the application looks a bit “dusty” compared to other products from similar services, but gives you a better management control and much more in-depth info like speed upload/download, elapsed time, action list, shared links, etc.

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Talking Alarm Clock – desktop reminder&alarm solution

If it’s a meeting that needs to be reminded of next week, a birthday that needs to be reminded of every year or a web-page that needs to be updated next month, it’s easy with Talking Alarm Clock. You can set an alarm to run once or recurrently (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.) or you can configured the software to run programs, open web pages, open files or send emails. read full review

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