Monitor your PC components – always prevent rather than repair

Hardware Sensors Monitor is an application designed to help you keep an eye on your hardware configuration in order to insure a good functioning of your system and prevent crashes due to overheating. You can try it and see for yourselves. Read more about Hardware Sensors Monitor here.

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Flash Player Pro – a handy solution for SWF files’ playback

Flash Player Pro is a handy flash tool kit designed to help you play and manage Flash video (SWF) files. Designed with a nice interface, you can use it to download Flash movies from the Internet and save them in your Favorites folder. You can find out more reading the Flash Player Pro review.

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iPhone – Galcon app Review

First time I encountered this game was on Mac OS X platform. Back then, there weren’t iPhones or many “touchscreen” – based games. But these days your smart-phone is your portable PC.

Galcon on Mac OS X review

Full Galcon iPhone App Review

First of all : free or paid – both (free to try and shareware); Orientation support – in the menu NO, in the game YES; iPhone app category : Game – Strategy

This game will give you quick and intense dose of planetary domination.
At first you will have to chose your skill level, even in the “free to try” mode you have 10 levels of difficulty to chose. For the basic low, you will have a brief basic gameplay tutorial.

The action takes place in space, where you find only planets. The objective is to conquer those planets using tiny ships (arrows). Each planet can produce ships. The bigger the planet, more ships will be made for you to use.

You will be green and the opponent (aka your iPhone) will be orange.
Using your finger you control one planet ships, you can also select more planets or double-tap to select all planets for a bigger army. Also you can select different teams once deployed of ship and redirect them. The game supports multitouch. All your planets (and your opponent in easier difficulty settings) will have a number, that number indicates the available ships.

The ships won’t attack each other. They attack only the planets, so you need to have a good strategy against your enemies.

One single game is pure strategy and should be over in just a few minutes (or seconds). For now, there are no ads inside the app, so you can relax and enjoy the game without the fear of “ads”. If you want more modes to play and different ships and galaxies you’ll have to go full game (not just demo).

If I could describe in a few short words this game : “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. ~Leonardo DaVinci” of strategy iPhone apps.

Pluses: Addictive , quick and easy to learn, pure strategy.

Drawbacks / flaws: expensive to buy full, no landscape mode in menu.

In conclusion: Addictive, simple, easy.

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Batch process your images with Photo Magician – fast and easy

When it comes to batch image processors, we can find plenty of them out there but today we’re going to present a free product that stand out from the crowd. It’s called Photo Magician.

Photo Magician is a compact, small and simple application which allows you to convert a large numbers of images (effortless) to different sizes and formats, instead of converting them all by hand, which is quite a headache and takes a lot of time.

You can find out more by reading the full review of Photo Magician or downloading Photo Magician.

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Add different Time Zones in the Windows 7 (and Vista) Tray Clock

Would you like to know the time of the city where your relatives are living or the time of the city where you’re planing to go in vacation?

If your answer is yes, then you should set up a time zone in your Windows 7 and Vista. To do so, simply right-click on the clock in the System tray and choose Adjust Date/Time.

Next, click on Additional Clocks tab and start setting up your time zones.

After you are done, just click OK. Now when you click over the time shown in the System tray bar you will see different time zones that you have set (unfortunately you can set only two time zones)

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Send files at the fastest speed without worrying about size, broken downloads or the issue of failed transfers

I was recently trying to send a large file over the Internet to a friend when I discovered that a simple task that should be piece of cake can become sometimes a real headache. I’m not necessarily talking about slow file transfers (via my instant messaging client), I’m talking about the issue of failed transfers. Thankfully, while searching for a solution, I came across a great program called HTF – HTTP File Server.

You can find out more by reading the full review of HFS or downloading HFS.

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Synchronize computer’s clock with Atomic Clock Servers

Absolute Time Corrector (ATC) synchronizes your time settings by comparing it to several atomic clocks (timeservers) on the Internet. The program is configured by default to synchronize your clock every hour, but you can modify this setting. It’s possible to decide whether you want to do an hourly correction, or a simple minutes and seconds correction. You can find out more about Absolute Time Corrector here.

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The Gaming Report – Kinect’s First “Sex” Game?

Come on! You knew it, I knew it… Everybody knew it! Sooner or later someone had to start try to make a sex game out of it! Sure, you’re massaging air, but at least you do it with your hand, not with your mouse…

Popular sex game maker ThriXXX is experimenting with Microsoft’s new motion controller toy – the Kinect – in order to give players a fresh new perspective on games.

This early technology preview you are about to see uses the Kinect motion controller (of course), the open source drivers library for it, and runs on Windows 7.

Also note: this video has been taken offline from Youtube several times, so I don’t know how long it will stay up… Enjoy it while you can (or just do a search, I’m sure some good-hearted Samaritan will re-post it under a different account).

Enjoy your groping!

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