Automate the task of deleting files and folders which you do in a regular basis

As a software editor, part of my job involves working with several files every day. Starting with the programs that I’m downloading in order to review and ending with programs’ screen-shoots (and other images) plus various files and folders. There is a folder for downloaded programs, a folder for screen-shoots and images and quite a few more folders for other purposes. However, from time to time I have to do some cleaning in all this folders. This is not necessarily a hard task but there is always something more important to do then this. Not long ago, luckily, I’ve found a program which does this cleaning for me – Autodelete.

Basically, this program automates the task of deleting files and folders. You can select any folder or file and specify a particular time after which they are going to be deleted. To me this is very handy. I don’t want to spend the time deleting old files or folders every month manually – Autodelete does is for me.

Read the full review or download Autodelete.

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Capture in-game Screenshoots and Videos for PC Games or any other 3D Application

There are several interesting tools to take screen-shots and record video clips of your favorite games. However, most of them are not free, including Fraps which is known as one of best. As an interesting alternative, I found a tool called Taksi which seem to offer the very same options.

If you’re interesting, you can get it here.

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The Gaming Report – Because Crytek is up to no good again… in yo’ Warface!

So the rumors are true, Crytek is into online first person shooters now, but what you aren’t going to like is that the game is “tailored” to suit the Asian and especially the Korean market.

Warface is developed by Crytek Seoul so we should kinda see this coming, and yet we all hoped for a more broader audience. Well maybe it will work for US and Europe as well in the end, who knows…

The game seems to be developed on CryENGINE 3, so it should look pretty good (I know for a fact they were tweaking it to create decent interiors and not just vast open areas) – and should also require a system so powerful to work on no man will be able to afford it at launch date. Maybe if you’re on the Enterprise you can drop out of Warp and redirect resources to be able to play it decently.

What’s interesting is that Warface is an online free to play FPS that will have PvE and PvP aspects, and co-op missions will play a key part in the game, not just head hunting deathmatches. Who knows, maybe this will be a more complex game than we thought, God knows we’ve been waiting for a less shallow online FPS for ages now…

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Test and Calibrate Your Monitor Online

Online tools to test and calibrate your monitor:
– Photo Friday –
– Screencheck –

– Online Monitor Test –
– The Lagom LCD Monitor Test Pages –

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A few sites for web depelopers to generate buttons

Da Button Factory – With this web application you can save the buttons as PNG.
Button Maker – This is to create CSS buttons.
Buttonator – With this web application you can save the buttons as Gif.
Free Flash Button Generator – As the application name suggests, this is to create Flash buttons.

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Improve Your Typing Skills

Would you like to improve your typing skills? There are many websites with this purpose. Below I’ll mention my favorites:

– typingweb’s tutorial –
– typingtest’s speed test –

– balloon –
– typedown –

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Do you know how to set Windows 7 to launch a program automatically on start-up ?

Assuming the application is already installed and there was a shortcut created: click ‘Start’, then, ‘All programs’, and look for the application shortcut of the program that you want to launch on Windows on start-up.

Right-click on the shortcut and click ‘Copy’.

Look into the ‘Startup’ folder, right click on any empty space and click ‘Paste’.

That’s all, the application will start every time your computer boots-up.

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Several Windows 7 Gadgets

A short but interesting post about a few (cool) Windows 7 gadgets:
Alarm Clock
Language Translator (auto translate in 43 languages)
Launch Control (an application launcher)

Try them and tell us your opinion.

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