Recording desktop activity to video (AVI, WMV)

There comes a time in our lives when the PrintScreen function just doesn’t do. We feel like we need more than simple image captures of our desktop.

Here’s where Screen Video Recorder comes in handy. It will record your screen activity with up to 30 frames/second and it has lots of recording options to choose from. You can find out more if you read the full review or you can download  Screen Video Recorder and try it for ourself.

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Identify music using your PC!

You probably felt on your own the frustration that comes with not being able to remember the name of a particular music track playing at the radio. In this case you might want to use Audiggle. This is an audio recognition software which can tell you the song and artist name of anything playing on your PC (or through microphone). It’s enough to play a track for a few seconds and you’ll get the name of the track and the artist.

In case you would like to try it, you can get Audiggle here.

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Use Soluto to analyze your boot and change the behavior of the programs which delays the boot process

Most of us have bought a new computer at least one time. It’s quite a nice feeling. You just power up your computer and within 30-40 seconds you can already check your email or play your favorite game. However, after a couple of months things aren’t so pretty anymore. You power up your computer and it seems to take longer each day to load.

If you take a look on the Internet for a solution to this, you’ll find all kind of tips and tricks and several software that promises to improve the load time of your computer and overall performance. I’m not saying that those are not effective but you must be pretty careful what software will you choose to let playing around with your system registry. One software that really seem to make a difference when it comes to frustrating load time of your OS is Soluto.

Read the full review of Soluto or download Soluto.

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F-Secure Antivirus 2011 – the veteran antivirus is refreshed and ready for 2011

One of the veteran antivirus programs, F-Secure was born (under a different name) in 1988. Along the road antivirus technology has changed, adapted as viruses also became more complex. But the fact that F-Secure is still here proves it is indeed a reliable program.

Read more and download F-Secure Antivirus 2011 on Soft32.

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MediaMonkey – a comprehensive audio files manager with lots of useful additional functionalities

Media Monkey allows you to collect all your music, playlists, podcasts and other audio files altogether from different sources or formats. It doesn’t matter if the audio files are stores outside your computer on a portable device, CD, or on another network connected computer. Media Monkey will manage them all. In case you have music stored on CD’s, the application can rip and store the audio files and can even synchronize with any mp3 player including iPod, iPhone, iRiver or any other generic portable audio devices.

MediaMonkey complete review MediaMonkey download link

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What’s actually inside this box we call computer?

So many people have actually no idea about what’s inside their computer. I mean, they have general knowledge about motherboards, CPUs, hard drives and so on. It’s the technical info I’m referring to.

Now, that’s not a bad thing, but sometimes we may need accurate data regarding our hardware or even software in terms of revisions, versions, release dates, you name it.

When in need of info as such, one can use Auslogics System Information. This free application can save you the trouble of opening a computer case and sweeping for serial numbers or so. Just install and run it and you’ll get all the data regarding your precious PC.

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Use Prey to track your Android phone or laptop device if stolen or lost

Prey is an open-source anti-theft tool that lets you track your mobile phone or laptop. It’s free to use but there is paid account too for large companies. It works on Android, Windows, Ubuntu, Mac OS and Linux. Every version uses a Web control panel and a client which you’ll have to install on your mobile device – anyway, it’s really easy to do so and does not require much configuration.

You might be a little bit in fog right now so let me explain what this application does actually… Well, Prey reads every incoming SMS, and if any contains the activation code (“GO PREY” by default), your phone goes into “missing mode”. At that moment it will try to contact the servers.

In the web interface you can set Prey to send you a SMS in case the thief changes the SIM card or you can make your phone display a message or ring a police-siren alarm and there are a lot more options which I’ll let you find out yourself.

Take a look here if you want to sight up and try Prey.

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The Gaming Report – Because Minority Report is finally in the living room

Okay this not only registers as “gaming” but also in Windows, hardware and if there were a “awesomely cool” category I would include it there as well. Everyone talks Kinect these days – how it will revolutionize controller industry, etc. – but did anyone checked how many people actually watched (or re-watched) Minority Report these days?!

Seriously speaking though, I have to watch that movie again! No, no, no…. really serious now: The Germans at Evoluce are the first guys to show a Windows 7 interface controlled by a Kinect device.

Evoluce specializes in multitouch stuff and with a little help from Redmond and a lot of hard work I assume, they can control Windows just by hand gestures. So that first Star Trek episode where Spock showed detailed info on a planet navigating with his hands, or the April first joke from Opera when you could control the browser with face gestures – may not seem so funny now.

Anyway, as you can see in these videos, you can browse through media, resize stuff, arrange icons, scroll through web pages, zoom in or out of webpages and maps, draw stuff, and who knows how many more things will pop up into people’s mind once the foundation for this stuff is established.

And to all the naysayers who claim – for a good reason – mouse interaction is faster, I say the same as I do with voice control. Not only it’s cooler this way, but you don’t have to use just gesture or voice navigation. You can combine methods to increase the speed you interact with devices a lot if you’re smart! It really depends on the purpose they serve as well – a presentation in a crowded conference room for example is the perfect place to use your hands skill…

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